Mark 10:9

Today's scripture post is a bit different, since it's also a DIY! 
I made this as a present for a wedding we are going to.
It was an easy, budget friendly, but most of all a personal and sentimental present.

I spent a total of about $10-$12 on this project. 
I bought the frame and two puff paints.

1. First, I drew my lines as shown, using a ruler.

A closer look...

2. Next, I colored in the silver first, since it was the lighter color. Always do the lighter color first!
(I mean you don't HAVE to, you do you ;D)

3. After, I filled in the gold puff paint.

4. Next step was to place the scripture drawing onto the cardboard!

5. I placed 3 strips of double sided tape as shown. 
 (I had some from my FIDM days, so I didn't have to buy it!)

6. TA...


To those of us who are married this verse has a special place in our hearts. 
We are joined to our husband/wife by God!
And He says to not separate that.
This can mean anything, not just people. This can even mean our own selves!
Yes it is hard, but it is even harder to live without him/her. 
No matter how much you claim to "hate" him/her in your worst moments. You married this person for a reason, that reason is LOVE.

Just like Christ and His Bride, the Church. 
No matter how far from Christ we run away, we always end up together again. 
That is because we are JOINED together.
Just like we are joined together to our husband/wife.

P.S. YES I did misspell "separate", nobody's perfect LOL!!!

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