"Mustard & Magenta" // Style Diary

It looks like fall actually hit my area this year! I remember last year it was a lot warmer, and while I love warm weather, I LOVE fall fashion! This skirt was hanging in my closet waiting to be worn during the fall season. I know it could be worn during other seasons, but I like it best during fall. Believe it or not, last time I wore it was 2014. Time flies! The mustard and magenta theme slowly came to be when I started picking out accessories for this outfit. I picked the mustard top to match the contrast pattern on the skirt. Afterwards the necklace and purse followed. Do you ever pick out an entire outfit based on one piece? 


Top: Rainbow Fashions
Jacket: G by Guess
Necklace: Yerdle
Skirt & Purse: Thrifted
Boots: Vintage Bandolino, thrifted as well



"Fields of Lace" Tunic Refashion // Adding Lace Details

I named this blouse "Fields of Lace," because the print reminded me of a field of flowers, and obviously lace, because the lace detail added such a nice twist to this blouse. This top didn't really have any problems except the sleeves, which were a bit of an awkward length. Also, I wanted to make this into a tunic, because tunics are everything during the fall season! :)


1. I cut out a long chiffon rectangle and zig zagged stitched all around it. 

2. I sewed on the lace to the chiffon rectangle as shown. 

3. Next, I pinned and sewed the chiffon and lace piece to the blouse. I stitched it on the existing seam of the blouse.

4. Next, for the sleeves, I cut the lace trim and sewed the ends together.

5. Lastly, I sewed the lace trim to the end of the sleeves of the blouse. See how lovely the new tunic looks like now?



Playing Dress Up // Style Diary

"I think that playing dress up begins at age five and never truly ends." -Kate Spade

This is extremely true for myself. I loved getting dolled up as a little girl, and I love it even more now that I'm all "grown up." Don't get me wrong though, I also love a good pair of sweats and sneakers. I always say that I have two sides. The girly girl and the "eh, whatever, I just want to be comfortable" side. Of course, this blog only sees the girly girl side of me for the most part. 

So this was an eventful weekend, so I didn't post this until now. I wore this outfit for my dad's birthday dinner this past weekend. I decided to wear this dress because he gave it to me, seems fitting right? 


Dress: Gifted
Necklace: Yerdle
Shoes: Nordstrom


Fun Fact: I only wear lipstick or lipgloss when I take photos. :) I find it too messy for everyday life, because I'm always snacking on something haha.

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