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Oh My Goodnessssss........

I'm a FIDM graduate! 

It's crazy to think that 3 years ago, I was anxiously awaiting the first week of July to start classes at FIDM. Fast forward 3 years, I've graduated from my dream college. I miss going to school so much LOL. Even though I went through some stressful-rip-my-hair-out days. Especially since I commuted 2 hours to FIDM, and 2 hours back. 4 hours total in one day! My parents helped me through so much, and I totes thank them for making this happen.

 My dad works in San Francisco, so I commuted with him. He kept me safe on BART (creepers & crazies e'eerrywhere), helped me with my ridiculously heavy FIDM tote, walked me to school at 11 am, and picked me up at 8 pm. Not to mention the days I had 8:30 am class & we had to wake up at 5 am, get to the BART at 7 am,  to get to SF at 8 am. Everyday. My mom woke up early everyday to make me breakfast, and pack my lunch and snacks for the whole day. She let me focus solely on my schoolwork, by handling all household chores herself. 

Not to mention all the lifelong friends I have met here. Seriously, you WILL meet your lifelong friends here. & You will come up with your own hashtag. (#fidmclique)

I do hope to be back at FIDM someday.
Please, God? <3

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