"Strand" Out from the Crowd: Options for Changing Your Hairstyles

Changing our style can provide so many benefits to our mental health as it can boost our confidence and refresh our look. But the eternal question is what's the best way to switch it up? Your hair sale is something that you’ve spent years refining to make it suit your fashion choices or indeed your frame of mind. But if you are looking to switch up your hairstyle without making massive commitments, here are some approaches to bear in mind:

Changes in Ponytails

Ponytails are a very simple way for us to have a functional hairdo so we can get on with our day-to-day duties. However, the eternal ponytail style can benefit from a number of different variations. You could try the low ponytail, bubble ponytail, a high ponytail, or opt for the ponytail with slicked back hair that has been popularized by Ariana Grande.

The great thing about ponytails is that they'll never go out of style, and so if you just want to make life easier for yourself, you can put your hair into a ponytail and get on with your life. You can always add a few unique touches to switch it up if you are exhausting every possible permutation of your ponytail. Ribbons, decorative pins, and the ever-reliable scrunchy can add a little something extra.

A Few Accessories

It's the best way to transform your hairstyle without making much effort. Sometimes we can benefit from adding a little something to our look. Depending on your age, you might think that a headband is best left to teenagers, but there's always colorful headbands or variations like hair scarves that can add a little something extra to your look.

Hair scarves are one of those things that have come back into popularity in recent years and serve the purpose of being a little bit stylish, but they can also cover up a multitude of sins. So if you are concerned that those couple of gray hairs at the front are going to be noticed by all and sundry, the right accessory can make a massive difference.

Changing the Texture

If you like your style but it's not as exciting as it could be, adding a little bit of something can instantly transform how you feel. If you've got straight hair, you can add waves or curls in the right places to change up your texture. It can be a lot of work to get right, but you can always benefit from a few hair experiments on the weekends.

When you change your texture, it can add volume or decrease volume in your head depending on what your natural hair does. You might hate the fact you've got curly hair, and while it might be a lot of effort to straighten it out, you could find a happy medium that is slightly voluminous, but not too much, and can be a wonderful addition to your overall style.

Hair Extensions

Some people swear by hair extensions, but others think it's cheating. Hair extensions provide the major benefit of a temporary change in your hair volume or length. We all can benefit from that opportunity to experiment with different hairstyles without actually committing to it. Some people believe that hair extensions don't blend well with natural hair, but this is where you've got to take the time to find the ones that really do suit your hairstyle.

You can get natural hair extensions that are made from quality Remy hair that gives that natural glossy look. You can opt for clip-in hair extensions, which are easygoing and are the least damaging type of hair extension. Many people try permanent extensions but immediately regret it. Ultimately, you've got to go with what is right for you, but there's no shortage of options when it comes to experimenting with length.


A very chic look that can instantly transform how your hair looks. There are plenty of benefits to having bangs. If you are approaching 30 and you are looking for something a little bit more youthful, bangs can add that charm that can de-age you by a few years.

But bangs also benefit by softening the features of your face and providing a very useful framing device. Bangs are such a little thing that can transform your entire hairstyle. And there's plenty of different types. Curtain bangs are one of the most popular, but you can also try side-swept or full bangs. If you are looking for a low-cost way to revamp your hairstyle, you should get bangs!

The Undercut

This is only for the brave amongst you! The undercut or a shaved design is a very daring approach that became fashionable again in the 2010s, however predominantly among men. If you're looking for the female equivalent, you can certainly do this, and it's an amazing way to show off your personality and uniqueness. It's bold, it is edgy, and it will totally turn heads!

The Bedhead Look

Also known as the tousled look, this is a great way to show off an effortless and carefree vibe. The bitter irony is that it can be quite a lot of work to create this look. This is where a texturizing spray is an ideal part of your hair care arsenal.

You can see the bedhead look on celebs like Margot Robbie, and if you want to have a bit of their style and grace, you can certainly do this as well and bring out your playful side.

The Wet Look

Without looking like the girl from The Grudge, you might believe that the wet hair look is just one step too far, but if you want to create that fresh-out-of-the-shower appearance, it's simple. A little bit of styling product or hair gel will instantly work wonders.

Changing your hairstyle is an incredibly personal thing, and experimenting with it is the opportunity to express yourself and have fun. Of course, you can always go for just a haircut, but there are so many ways to make minor changes with major impacts.

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