"Cupcake Cuteness" Tank Refashion

Today's refashion turned out so cute! It started off as a tank top from Chico's with raw edged fabric detail on the front, and chiffon detailing on the neckline and armholes. I liked the details, I just didn't really like how it stopped there. I needed some cuteness! This refashion reminded me of a little cute cupcake, hence the name. :)

1. I cut the bottom layer of the shirt as shown. I got the 45" because of this: 
the shirt's hem was 25" across laying flat, so I multiplied it by 2 and took off 5". This is so I can gather the fabric. The pink line is the fold line. 

2. I chopped off 4 1/2" inches off the bottom of the tank. 

3. After sewing a gathering stitch, this is how it looks. (folded in half).

4. I sewed on the bottom ruffle as shown. 

5. Next, I made a bow out of the fabric I chopped off in Step 2. I sewed along the pink dotted lines, then turned both inside out. 

6. How it looks: 

7. Then, I hand sewed it on the front.


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