"Natural Neutrals" T-Shirt Refashion

Today's refashion is a simple & easy way to transform a plain t-shirt. 
Here is how it looked like before: 
The t-shirt was also a little too big for me. 

1. I cut off where the waist hits.

2. I turned the t-shirt inside out, and measured how much I needed to sew off with a tee that fit me well. I sewed along the blue lines, then cut off the remainder. 

3. I sewed a gathering stitch on the bottom piece. 

4. Next, I connected the bottom part to the top, like shown in the photo. I used a zig zag stitch for stretch.

5. I added this cute little lace collar as a finishing touch. 

TA DA!! 
It's not really a full peplum shirt, since I didn't gather it much. However, the small gathering that I did do, gave it a slimmer fit, therefore more feminine.

Now a little  dressed up...

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