"Bright Summer Turquoise" Tank Top Refashion

Here's another refashion, after a couple of days of not posting. I had an eventful weekend, so the sewing was postponed for a few days. 

For this refashion, I took a tank top that had cute crochet detailing on the front. I liked it, but it was kind of plain... I just HAD to do something with it LOL.  

1. I chopped off a piece of the tank. I chopped until the crochet detail begins, leaving about 1/2" for seam allowance. 
I also cut the bottom piece on only one side.

2. Next, I cut the ruffles that I was going to add. 

For the long one (shown): I used the bottom part of the tank top, and another fabric that measured the same. I sewed both sides together to create the long ruffle.

For the short one (not shown): I used some contrasting dark teal jersey to create a closed rectangle, like the one shown below. The 58" measurement was the same, the 7" turned into 4 1/2".

3. I sewed a gathering stitch on both rectangles, all around. 

Then, I sewed the ruffles on, the short one first!

See? The short one first, so it's the first to show on the tank. 

4. What it looks like when both ruffles are sewn on. I used a zig zag stitch for stretch. 


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