DIY Ruffle Bell Sleeve Refashion

Lately, I've been obsessed with ruffled or bell sleeves. I've seen these sleeves being called both ruffled and bell sleeves, so I just included both names in my post. Personally, I use both names interchangeably. I believe the difference is that if the ruffle is longer, the sleeve will be considered a bell sleeve, versus if the ruffle is shorter, it's just called a "ruffled sleeve." BUT, I have also heard of this flounce sleeve being called a bell sleeve. (So many names!) 

For the purpose of these tutorials, this is what I'm calling them:

Ruffle Bell Sleeve: Like the one in this tutorial. This is basically a rectangle that is sewed closed and ruffled up.

Flounce Bell Sleeve: Like the one in this tutorial. This is what I call a circle ruffle. It is literally cut like a mini circle skirt.

If you'd like to add a ruffle or two to your closet, it's really easy to do so. In addition to ruffles, I also love stripes, so I decided to play around with some stripes when I refashioned this ruffle dress. When making these ruffled bell sleeves These sleeves add just the right amount of flair to any outfit, no matter what your style is. :)

If you'd like to add flounces to your sleeves instead, check out this tutorial.

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