Goodbye Autumn // Style Diary

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like fall ends once December starts? Even though technically winter doesn't start until December 21, I always feel like it instantly starts in December. So to say goodbye to fall, I wore my most "fall-ish" blouse. Autumn leaves, pumpkins, and multiple shades of orange! This season seemed to just fly by this year. I can't believe fall isn't until next year again! Next season to conquer: winter. :) I'm so ready for Christmas time outfits!


Top: Evine (I love the length, it's modest enough to be worn with pants!)
Necklace/Earrings: Paparazzi
Watch: Judith Ripka
Bracelet:  DIGS
Jeans: Hudson Jeans
Boots: Evine



Autumn Garden // Refashioning a Refashion

I refashioned this plain brown tee about a year ago,  here, but I wasn't 100% happy with it. I decided to refashion it with a small detail and I was finally happy with it. I tend to refashion my own refashions. That's why I love clothing. There are endless possibilities!

I didn't like the short sleeves on this tunic. So I added bell sleeves in matching fabric.

1. I cut out the sleeve piece on the fold.

2. I sewed it closed and made a gathering stitch on the top.

3. I pinned it (inside out) to the existing short sleeve.

4. Bell sleeve was now attached.

5. Lastly, I added a brown lace trim to hide the seam.



Blending In // Style Diary

"In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven." - Matthew 5:16

Conforming to the world and its ideal is easy, and even makes us feel good. (Even though that good feeling is short lived). It's easy to swim with the flow of the river, but not so easy to swim against it. Have you ever walked outside facing the strong wind? It doesn't feel so nice. In the same way, living for the world is easy, yet living for God doesn't feel so easy at times. We get discouraged, mocked, humiliated, you name it. We are also battling our own weak human flesh, so it's easier for us to just live like the world. But God doesn't intend for us to do so. He tells us to let our light shine before others. We must live and stand for God no matter what. Whether we feel uncomfortable, angry, humiliated, or desperate, we must live for Him alone.  After all, if we live for God, everything will be okay for us at the end anyways. Remember, we are the only bible some people will read today.  God never intended for you to blend in. He created YOU, a most wonderful and unique person to shine His light and stand out. Will you let your light shine today?


Dress: Nordstrom Rack
(It's super comfortable and modest! It was comfortable enough for a dentist appointment. And the best part? It has pockets! I repeat, pockets!)
Denim Jacket: Free People
Shoes: Adidas


Mandatory hipster "shoes in grass photo."

Me trying to pose all cool. 


"Bohemian Fields" Fringe Boho Vest Refashion

When I got this plain vest, I immediately knew it was going to have a bohemian vibe. I had recently made a cute little girl's dress with fabric scraps (see photo below), so I was inspired to use more fabric scraps for this refashion. I love mixing and matching prints, patterns, and textures. I also bought the daisy trim just for this vest. Later I liked it so much, I bought some more for other future refashions.

Isn't it so cute?! :)

1. I picked out a couple pieces that I wanted to use, and sewed them together. 

2. I gathered the big piece I sewed in the previous step, pinned, and sewed it onto the vest.

3. For the finishing touch, I sewed on a cute daisy trim.



Criss Cross // Style Diary

I can't believe it's already midway through November. Two weeks until Thanksgiving! What are your plans? I'm always super excited around this time of year, and I always take time to reflect on the year's good times, bad times, dreams accomplished, and mistakes made. Everything that happens, will happen for a reason. We may not know it now, but we will someday. "Jesus replied, "You don't understand now what I am doing, but someday you will." (John 13:7). Even if it's something bad that happens in our lives. I know firsthand how much it sucks to have something really bad going on in life. But God is so wonderful, that even when something or someone is set out to harm us, He can turn it around for good! (Genesis 50:20) Easier said than done, right? Once again, I know. I've gotten angry at God, I've cried, I've screamed, I've stayed silent. We just have to really learn to trust in Him. :)


Jacket: Thrifted
Sunglasses: Forever 21
Watch: Judith Ripka
Backpack: Prada, Thrifted
Jeans: Hudson
Boots: Evine.com



Band of Gypsies // Style Diary

I got this gorgeous Band of Gypsies dress back in June when I was gifted a Nordstrom gift card for my birthday. My favorite department at Nordstrom is BP, or also known as the juniors section. That day I headed for the sales rack because I wanted to get as many things as possible with my gift card. I found this Band of Gypsies dress and fell in love with it! I wore it once during summer with this same Free People denim jacket and some sandals. I knew I wanted to wear it again during fall, so this time around I wore it with my cowboy boots. (They're from the kids section at Nordstrom!)


Dress: Band of Gypsies
Jacket: Free People
Boots: Nordstrom
Purse: from Mexico :)


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