"I'm a Barbie Girl, in a Not So Barbie World" Style Diary // May 31, 2014

 Today was my actual birthday, and  I was still tired from yesterday. 
Who knew waterslides were so much exercise?
But hey, I still wanted to doll up today and go out!
I just had a chill day walking around a nearby town & relaxing with my doggie, Rocky. 


Top: Wildfox Couture
Shorts: Lucky Brand
Watch: Nordstrom, Baby G


"Birthday Girl" Style Diary // May 30, 2015

I'M 21!
Yesterday was my 21st birthday party, but today I am officially 21 today.
To some people it's like a big milestone or something, but I feel just the same. 
& Yeah, this outfit was from yesterday, but had NO time to post yesterday LOL.

Anyways, this was my outfit for my waterslide party.
This was refashioned out of a crop top, on this post.


Top: Refashioned by me
Shorts: Thrifted
Watch: Nordstrom, Baby G
Flip Flops: Old Navy



"Pretty Please Pink" Refashion

I got this crop shirt like a couple of months ago, but never got around to wearing it. I liked the shirt a lot, but I never wear crop tops. I decided to add a dainty little peplum to it. 

1. I cut out the peplum part as shown below. 37" is how much you'll want it gathered, 13" is how long you want it to be. 

2. Next, I just sewed it to the shirt (right sides of the fabrics together), with a zig zag stitch for stretch. 

TA DA! Literally, that was it. I didn't hem it since the fabric doesn't ravel.


"A Special T-Shirt" Refashion

Today's refashion was kind of special to me. :) At first glance it looks like just a t-shirt right? But to me, it's not. By the way this is a great idea for those t-shirts you really like, but want to spice up a bit. 

This is the Christian Students at UCLA t-shirt. I was blessed to meet this wonderful group when I moved to LA. Even though I don't go to UCLA, I have felt like family here!

Now, onto the refashion!

1. First, I cut down the side of the shirt. 

2. Then, I made the big cut!

3. Next, I cut the new sides of the t-shirt, made of lace. (Note, I cut two layers at the same time!)

4. Next, I closed the sides closed at the seams shown below. 

5. Then, I sewed on the new sides of the t-shirt, as shown.

After that, I cut off the neckline binding to make the neckline more relaxed, and cuffed up the sleeves.



"Oranges and Lace" // Tunic Refashion

Today's refashion was this tunic pictured below.  It's such a nice color for summer, but I felt like it needed a little extra. 

I tried to model it, but unfortunately it is too big for me. :( So, this is the only photo I have with it on.

1. First, I cut some length off the sleeves to make way for lace!

2. The top lace rectangles are for the sleeves & the bottom lace panel is for the hem of the tunic. 
I sewed a gathering stitch on the top of both panels to fit the sleeves & hem.

3. This is how the lace part of the sleeves looked like after being sewed closed.

4. I sewed the lace part as shown.

I rolled it, like a hem, so it would be a clean edge. 

5. Finally, I sewed the hem on as shown, for a clean edge.



2 Samuel 7:22

2 SAMUEL 7:22

Who here can testify that the Lord is great?!

"Many, LORD my God, are the wonders you have done, the things you planned for us. None can compare with you; were I to speak and tell of your deeds, they would be too many to declare."

>> PSALM 40:5 <<

There are too many awesome things to say about the Lord!
Too many to name!
This is why we can declare, "How great You are sovereign Lord!"

As the second part of 2 Samuel 7:22 says, there is no one like God! 
Nobody nor anything can compare to the glory of God. He is so unique, that there can never be anyone that compares to Him. 

"Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ."

>> Romans 10:17 <<

Since we have heard this with our ears, we have been given faith in Him, the One & Only TRUE GOD!


"Country Floral Lace" Button Up Refashion

Today's refashion is a button up! It's floral and colorful, perfect for summer coming up! Keep an eye out, this will be for sale at @beebeebtq! (Instagram) I decided to add lace to the front yoke, back yoke, and on the hem.

1. I marked the halfway point on the back yoke to make a mini pattern to cut out the lace. 

2. I traced half the pattern as shown.

3. I did the same thing to make the front yokes.

4. I cut out the lace pieces from the patterns. Both of these are on the fold. I cut the front yoke in half, so I could have 2. (One piece for each side)

5. Next, I sewed the front yokes as shown...

6. ... & the back yoke. I zig zagged stitched all around both the front & back yokes.

7. Lastly, I added a lace piece at the hem.

8. Actually, lastly, I added a little pocket to tie everything together. :)


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