"Scallops & Anchors" // Scallop Edge Refashion

Today's refashion is perfect for Fourth of July weekend! 
This little anchor top was cute, but it needed a little extra something.
I decided to add a scalloped edge with red contrasting fabric.

*This will be for sale on @beebeebtq! :)


1. I cut a rectangle on the fold as shown. Here is how I got my measurements:

50" : The measurement of the bottom of the shirt, side seam to side seam.
Ex: 24" x 2" = 48" + 2" seam allowance.

10" : How long I wanted the red part to be, plus seam allowance for the scallops.

2. I used a cup to draw out the scallops and pinned the fabric up.

3. I sewed on the scallop drawings, and carefully cut around them.

4. Then I flipped them inside out, and sewed a straight stitch across.

5. I finished off the sides as shown. I didn't want the red part to be closed off, instead I wanted them to overlap.

6. I sewed on the red part to the shirt as shown.


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