"Embroidered Flowers & Lace" Top Refashion

Today's refashion features this cute little embroidered top by Karen Kane. 

Sorry Karen, I wasn't feeling the elastic. :(
LOL, okay now I'm just being silly. :P
Anywhooss,  read below to see what this little top got transformed into!

1. I cut off the elastic at the sleeves and the hem.

2. After, I stitched down the raw edges on the sleeves and hem.

3. I cut out the lace panels as shown below. 
The top is for the bottom hem, and the bottom two are for the sleeves.

4. I sewed on the lace panel to the bottom hem as shown. 
I wrapped it around the finished edge, and zig zag stitched down.

Right sides of the lace & shirt facing together!

More visuals...

It looks like this when done.

5. I started sewing at the middle of the back, and wanted to leave a little overlapping flap. I now had to close this off.

6. I pinned and sewed one side first.

7. Next, I pinned and sewed the other flap.

8. Finally, the sleeves were left. I sewed them on the same way I did the bottom hem, EXCEPT, I closed off the lace panel first. (So in other words, no overlapping flap)


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