"Summer Plaid" // Button Up Refashion

Let's not talk about these sleeves...
I know button up shirt sleeves usually go up a bit when you move around, but not to this awkward length LOL!
I knew I had to remove them, since they weren't really going to work.
I tried making bell sleeves (since I'm clearly obsessed with them), but it didn't look good.
Read on to see what did work!

1. I planned on making a lace back yoke. I marked down the middle of it, to make my pattern.

2. Don't judge LOL. I can make great patterns, but this was a quick one, since it wasn't going to be something complicated. I traced around the yoke with a pencil. Carefully hold the shirt in place.

3. I cut out my pattern & added some seam allowance. Once again, don't judge my patternmaking skills based on this lol.

4. I folded down the edges of the lace yoke & carefully pinned all around the back yoke. I sewed all around the edge.

5. I snipped off the sleeve! I snipped it off here, because I thought I was going to make bell sleeves. *Worst idea ever LOL.*

6. You may have noticed the cute little bows on the front. Below is a brief tutorial on that. It's super easy! After tying the thread off, I sewed them onto the shirt, right in the middle of the bow.

7. The entire sleeves needed to go. :(

8. Much better. I didn't even need to finish them off, since they were already serged. This is why seam ripping is better than just chopping off! (Sometimes).

9. I cut out my bottom lace panel.

10. Gathering stitch across the top!

11. Finishing touch: white lace trim all around.



Jesus: The True Light!

"In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind."

JOHN 1:4

"The true light, who gives light to everyone, was coming into the world."

JOHN 1:9


In Jesus there is life!
& Jesus is light!
How can we live in darkness?
We cannot see when it's dark, we would stumble & fall every minute.
Just like a flower needs the light from the sun to grow & life, we need the Light from Jesus to grow & live.
We can only blossom to our full potential with the True Light...Jesus!



"Baseball Style" // Style Diary

What's the epitome of an American summer?
A baseball game!
I'm just going for fun, since I don't root for any particular team.
I actually haven't been to a game since I was about 6, so this should be fun... :)


Top: Forever 21
Shorts: Yerdle
Shoes: Converse, eBay
Sunglasses: Deb Shops
Watch: Baby G, Nordstrom



"Modern Fairytale" // Too Tight Tank Top Refashion

"Modern Fairytale" :)

It all started off as a tank top that was a little too tight though. 
I liked the sequin detailing on the arm openings & the little pocket on front.
I had some chiffon on hand that was the same color as the sequins.
Perfect match!
I really liked the beige/pink combo. Reminded me of "fairytale princess" colors...hence the name...

1. I cut open both sides of the tank top, even the armhole. 

 2. I cut out two triangles on the fold, with the top part straight, as shown.
To figure out how tall I wanted the triangles, I simply measured my cut in Step 1 + a couple inches (about 3"-5")

3. I folded over twice, and zig zag stitched, to keep the chiffon from fraying & make clean edges. 
(I don't have a serger!)

How the whole thing looks...

4. Next, I attached the first triangle as shown.
(Right sides of the fabric touching)

5. Next, I flipped over the front side of the tank.

6. I flipped it inside out &...

7. ...attached the other side of the triangle. 
(Right sides of the fabric touching! It should look inside out at this point)

8. I attached the triangle as shown. I folded over the chiffon to grab the tank top fabric. 

9. Lastly, I just hemmed the bottom part, by folding over twice & straight stitch!



"Plaids & Polka Dots" // Plaid Button Up Shirt Refashion

This little refashion was really fun, because I didn't have an end goal in mind. I just knew I wanted to use the polka dot fabric, since the two pinks matched so well. After sewing the polka dot fabric, I remembered I had some lace trim and decided to add it on as well. I love the "shabby chic" look. :)

1. I cut open the sides of the button up. I cut up about 1" into the sleeve. Measure this cut, you will need it for the side triangles.

2. Next, I cut my two side triangles. I used my tape measure to help me make a straight line. The length of the triangle is the measurement I took in Step 1.

3. I now had two triangles on the fold, ready to be sewn!

4. I sewed one side first, ***!right sides of the fabrics touching!***. Then, I did the same thing to the other side of the triangle. 

5. After sewing in my two triangles, I sewed on some lace trim on the bottom.

6. I added more lace on the back yoke...
(I made a little pleat in the middle to turn while sewing, since the yoke line wasn't straight)

7. And just to tie it all together, I added lace to the pockets.


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