Vintage Easter

Today's fashion post was inspired by Easter! A vintage Easter to be exact. :) 
I loved the pastel colors and vintage floral prints. My vision for this mood board includes: pretty tea length floral dresses, nude heels, and vintage inspired accessories. (See the purse inspired by vintage plates?) I'd love to hear what you envision! :)

Details. :)
See the little golden macaroon boxes? So cute!


Your Love Never Fails

"Your love never fails,
Never gives up,
Never runs out on me"

I really love this song. 
When it first came out, my soul just rejoiced in it so much. It reminds me of Psalm 136. The message in the Psalm is pretty clear, "God's love never fails." How comforting is that? God repeatedly tells us that His love never fails. In this life, many things will fail. You can lose people, your house, your job, etc. The list is endless. BUT we can be confident enough to say that we can never lose God. Yes, we can walk away from Him, but He will never walk away from us. He is there whenever we need Him.

"Praise God in heaven! God’s love never fails."

PSALM 136:26


Shabby Chic Ruffles // Tee Refashion + Using Fabric Scraps

I really like the front of this tee, especially that fleur-de-lis with the rhinestones. The sleeves were a tad bit too short. You know that awkward length where it's not a tank top, but not quite a true short sleeve? Yep, this was the case with these sleeves. Lately, I've been trying to use my fabric scraps so I can use up my material as much as I can. I planned out ruffles for this tee and some lace sleeves. 

1. I went through my sweater lace fabric scraps, and I picked some to make the first ruffle.
2. I sewed the scraps together. 
3. For the second ruffle, I used a beige chiffon. 
4. Next, I gathered both ruffles.
5. I sewed that ruffle to the shirt as shown.
6. Close up photo of how the layers were shown together.
The white sweater lace is sewn down to the RIGHT side of the tee. The chiffon layer is sewed with the WRONG side facing up. :)

1. I chopped off those sleeves!
2. I added some length to the sleeves with the sweater lace.
3. Sleeves looking much better. :)
4. I sewed those sleeves on the tee.
5. Sleeves! 


Rainy Day Sunday // Modest Rainy Day Look

Lately, it had been feeling like spring with the warm weather and sunny days, when all of a sudden it started raining! I took up the opportunity to wear my rain boots and built an outfit around them. I found this blouse in my closet and I realized the colors matched perfectly! :) I paired my outfit with my daisy umbrella because I'm missing spring! I really enjoyed dressing up my rain boots for church today. I usually end up wearing them with leggings or jeans, but I wanted something different for today. :)


Top: Thrifted
Jacket: Deb Shops
Skirt: Old Navy, Yerdle (sign up for 35 Yerdle dollars + FREE shipping!)
Rain Boots: Walmart


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