"Ballet Beauty" Dress

Finally a sewing post!
I wanted to start up my refashion posts again with a super cute refashion. I've had this ballet print fabric for over a year now, and hadn't used it. I'm sure my fellow refashioners and seamstresses have had a similar experience. It's just so much fun buying cute fabric! The hard part is actually thinking of what to make with it. I had this black stretchy tee that I hadn't used yet either, so I took it out of my stash and put it to use with this fabric.

1. First, I marked the waist, and cut an inch below that to account for seam allowance.

2. Then, chop!

3. I cut out the skirt part of the dress. I cut it on the fold, so it would leave me room to gather the fabric and make it easier to cut.

4. I zig zag stitched the top part of the fabric, and sewed a gathering stitch across the top.

5. I sewed the skirt part together, inside out (of course).

6. This is how I attached the top to the skirt. Both the top and skirt were inside out.

7. I measured the length of the elastic for the waist, and sewed it closed.

8. To make it easier to sew the elastic on the waist, I pinned in the back, the front, and the sides.

9. After that, I pinned in between each section.

Elastic sewn onto the waist? Done.

10. After that, I just hemmed and the dress was good to go!


"Florals in Fall + Princess Shenanigans"

Today I felt like a princess, since I was given the princess treatment by my husband. :) I was taken out on a date and given a very beautiful ring. It was perfect! By the way the crown in these photos is the same crown I used on my wedding day. When I bought it, I said I would wear it as an accessory. I enjoy wearing it, because deep down inside I've always wanted to be a princess hahaha :D. 


Dress: Eliza J, Nordstrom
Purse: Yerdle
Shoes: WSS Shoes



"Falling from Summer, Falling into Fall"

No sewing posts yet, sorry. :( 
I am barely starting to see my sewing room turn out how I wanted it to. 
I have also been busy with a paid sewing gig (YAY!). It feels awesome to be paid to do what you love, no matter how big or small the task is. :) Currently I am focusing on revamping my Instagram boutique @beebeebtq and my original designs boutique @sewmuchloveshop. I still make time for fun and going out, since you have to work hard, but also play hard. :) Today's outfit was inspired for fall. I CANNOT wait for fall! It's still super hot where I live, so I mixed in my boots to make this outfit feel more "fall-sy." P.S. Add in a cami that matches your color scheme, when wearing semi crop tops. :)


Top: @marielscloset (instagram)
Shorts: Yerdle
Purse: @_girlsboutique_ (instagram)
Boots: Gifted



Dia de la Independencia Mexicana (Mexico's Independence Day) // My Roots

Feliz Dia de Independencia Mexico!
Today in honor of Mexico's Independence day, I wore my dress that was gifted to me from my aunt in Mexico.  I am very proud to be from a beautiful country full of color and joy. (Despite the fact that I was born in beautiful San Francisco, I still consider myself a proud Mexican :D)
I love wearing festive and bright colors, they just light up your mood in an instant.
Even though Mexico gets some bad press in the news, it is still a great place. There is a sense of family and rich culture that is unique in its own way.


Dress: Mexico
Shawl: Mexico
Necklace: Gifted
Earrings: UCLA Store (lookout for their sales!)
Heels: @_girlsboutique_


Felices Fiestas Patrias!


"Summer to Fall"

As we approach the end of summer, I'm starting to creep in some fall details in my outfits. Today I spent the day in Monterey and put my toes in the water. (Yeah, of course I took off my cowboy boots :D) I paired it with my boots and a brown cardigan to make it feel more "fall." I believe in still wearing "summer" clothes in the fall and winter seasons, I just pair them with fall/winter accessories.  I absolutely love this dress, it's so "flowy" and comfortable. I actually added on the crochet lace neckline, read more here.


Cardigan: Forever 21
Purse: Gifted
Boots: Nordstrom


See that cute little bracelet? It's made of buttons! 
I got it at a booth from Newman Fall Festival for only $2!

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