Crushed Velvet-y Goodness

This was my first time taking photos in the rain. I actually didn't plan nor want to take photos while it was raining. My husband was the one who said it was a good idea and that the pictures would turn out nice. I got a lot of stares from people who drove by and my hair got ruined (I had curled it, ha!), but it was a fun experience. Would I do it again? Probably with a hat or a bun, haha!

Now, on to the actual post! :)
This season is all about velvet, especially my favorite: crushed velvet. This awesome crushed velvet can be found at Mily Mae Fabric Shop. She has so many other lovely colors available, talk about some serious #hearteyes and #swoon. It is absolutely stunning and more specifically, it is crushed velvet-y goodness.


Fall 2017 Capsule Collection

Today I'm introducing my Fall 2017 Capsule Collection! I talked about it on Instagram since last month, and I finally got around to posting it on the blog. This time of the year always seems to get super busy, and personally for me, time seems to slip away faster during these last months of the year. 

Anyway, you may have noticed a new header on the blog (yay!), and even though it's not the final one, my blog is slowly starting to come together. I posted about my blog "refash" here. I'm working hard everyday that I can to get my blog "refash" done by the end of the year. :)

Now...on to the capsule collection!


Blog "Refash"

I have some news! I haven't posted much on my blog lately. I feel like I have abandoned it for a bit. But, I promise you I haven't! If anything, I've been doing the opposite. I've been busy working on a blog "refash." 
"re·fash": short for "refashion." I'm trying to be cool and creative here by saying "refash" instead of revamp or renovate.  

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