DIY Ruffle Wrap Skirt Sewing Tutorial

This outfit was actually my Thanksgiving outfit, but I'm barely just posting the sewing tutorial for this skirt. That's life, right? November and December always go by way too fast, probably because of all of the end of the year festivities. (Christmas is in a week!)

I actually made this skirt the night before Thanksgiving, so I didn't take any photos since it was dark. I made another one and took photos of the process. The first time I made a wrap skirt was when I made my Anchor Print Wrap Skirt using a pattern. I didn't want to use a pattern this time, mostly because I had one night to make it hehe. I did some quick research online and played around with the fabric and ended up making this wrap skirt with no pattern.


This gorgeous crushed velvet is from Mily Mae Fabrics. I seriously get all of my velvet from Amanda's shop. Not only is the selection beautiful, but also affordably priced. This is listed as "nude," but it has a pinkish tone to it, which I absolutely love. Also, the weight is nice for skirts, since it is not super thin that I would have to wear a slip underneath.


I linked some options for my outfit below. I couldn't find my top in the same color since I found mine at TJ Maxx. I literally walked into the store and immediately saw it. I don't normally go for brighter colors, but this one was too cute to pass up! I got my hat at Amazon, but I linked the one I was planning on getting from Forever 21. I just got mine on Amazon, because I was feeling impatient and it was a Prime item. :)


How To Save Money Buying Fabric

Repurposing fabrics already in your home is the cheapest way to make your own clothes. Refashioning sheets, curtains, or clothes in bigger sizes found at your local thrift store is the most affordable route. I love refashioning because it's amazing seeing the transformation. I personally love seeing other people's refashioned designs.

Just as much as I love to refashion, I love to create from scratch. It is a transformation as well, since a piece of fabric is created into a top, skirt, dress, etc. I've rounded up a few tips for getting some good deals when shopping for fabrics.


Pants to Skirt Overalls Refashion

The last time I had some overalls, I was in the second grade, so I was due for a new pair right? I had been seeing these skirt overalls throughout social media, and I really liked them. One day as I was scrolling down Facebook, I saw a short video tutorial of someone turning shorts into overalls, and I thought "hey I could do that with a skirt!" And here were are with my tutorial. 

I sewed these back in October, but didn't get a chance to take photos until Thanksgiving. I decided to finally post this tutorial today, since in my mind, it is the official end of fall. Tomorrow is December, which means the start of all things Christmas. :D (Well, in my mind at least, that's how I see fall and winter).

I had some adorable little daisy buttons in my stash that matched these overalls perfectly, in my opinion. These are definitely going to be my go-to overalls for fall. (Even though these are my only pair of overalls and fall is now over LOL).

There are a few things that I learned for next time and I will share them to help you in your skirt-overall-making journey.

1. I would use a bigger pair of jeans to make my overalls. These were actually my size, but the legs fit loosely. I would use a bigger size next time to have more wiggle room.
2. Have matching fabric for the straps. I don't know how, but I did not even think of the straps until I realized I didn't have any fabric to make them. Luckily I found a matching gold fabric in my stash. (See it does help to hoard fabric!)


Too Big Skirt Refashion

I had this skirt in my refashion pile for the longest time. I just couldn't decide what to make with it. The print was my favorite and I love that it can be worn any season. Right now it is at the end of fall, beginning of winter and I can pair it with my sweaters and boots. The elastic waist makes it extra comfortable, and I am all about comfort all year round!

This refashion was super quick and easy. It took longer to take photos, edit them, and write this post! While I do like to challenge myself sewing-wise, sometimes it is nice to just make something quick. Thrift stores are a great place to find skirts that you can refashion into your size. All you need are scissors and some elastic.

I wanted this to be a midi skirt and leave the original hem alone. (Because who wants to hem again when there's a good hem present??) 


The Benefits of Making Our Own Clothes

Making your own clothes is a fun hobby and a productive way to spend your spare time, but there are other added benefits to doing so, too. If you’re planning on investing a sewing machine, mannequin and giving it a go, here’s why you should go ahead and take the plunge!

There’s more choice

Admittedly, these days we have lots of options when it comes to clothing. But with that being said, why does it feel like every time you go shopping for something specific, it’s impossible to find an item that’s just right? Ever find yourself stumbling upon a great dress with the wrong sleeves, or trousers that would look fantastic if they were a little longer or a different material? I personally always end up finding cute skirts or dresses at stores, but I try them on and they're a tad bit too short. With some sewing skills, you can easily purchase anything you like and simply refashion it a bit to your liking. That is actually why I started refashioning: to make my clothes more modest! :)
 When you make your own clothes, you can fashion them however you want. You can customize them to exactly the styles you’re after, make the fit perfect and you can pick from whatever materials and colors you want. If you’re skilled at making clothes, you never have to worry about finding the perfect outfit because you know you can create it yourself. Whether it’s tailoring an existing piece, or creating it from scratch. 

It’s good for the environment

We all generate far too much waste, and one thing we’re all guilty of is throwing away clothes that are perfectly good. Often it’s just because we don't like them any more, they’re not considered fashionable or they don’t fit. Millions of clothing items get thrown away every day and end up in landfill or incinerated- both are awful for the environment. When you have the skills to adjust the length and fit of things, you’ll find that you waste less, as clothes that would have been no good can now be reused. When you make your own clothes too, there’s less of a demand for companies to create more, and since many use sweatshops this is only a good thing. You know that your own items are made ethically and know where they came from, the same isn’t true of most of what you purchase ready made. More and more of us are understanding the importance of respecting the planet and the people on it, and businesses are following suite by giving us as consumers what we want- products without the guilt. You can buy more fair trade items than ever, and companies like https://diamondexpert.com/brilliant-earth-review/ even offer ethically sourced diamonds. By making your own clothes, it contributes to you doing your small bit for the planet.

This lace top used to be my favorite, until the collar got stained. Thanks to some refashioning, and it's one of my new favorites again! Check out the tutorial here.

You get to improve your skills

Just like any hobby or interest, the more you practice the better you will get. Making clothes is a productive way to spend your time, and as you improve you could even turn it into a business and earn some money. You could make clothes for dogs, fancy dress items for kids, prom dresses for teens or something else entirely! For example, my focus is on refashioning and creating modest styles. There are loads of directions you could go in, whether you keep it as a bit of fun or turn it into a side hustle. I decided to start a blog and through this opportunity I have met so many wonderful people and even sold some of my refashioned designs! :)

Ready to start creating? You can start with making a Pretty Pleated Skirt to practice making pleats, sewing an invisible zipper, and adding a waistband. I'm excited to see what you start creating & designing!


How to Sew a Pleated Skirt // "Pretty Pleated Skirt" Update

I first sewed a pleated skirt when I made this pink floral skirt last Spring. The first time I sewed it, it was more of a trial run because it was my first time ever making pleats. I ended up posting my project on the blog though, because I liked how it turned out. To this day, I still wear my original pleated skirt. This time around however, I can tackle pleats more easily, soI decided to give an update and provide step-by-step instructions on how to cut and sew your own pretty pleated skirt. 


Feminine Holiday Outfit Inspiration + Custom Christmas Cards

This post is sponsored by Basic Invite, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. I only recommend companies and products that I have personally tried and loved.

As we near the end of September, we all know what that means… all the fun holidays are near! You might be thinking, isn’t it a little too early to start with the holidays? It might be, but that’s okay, hehe! Today, I'm sharing some of the prettiest stationery & invitations and some feminine holiday outfit inspiration. :) 

With all the fun holidays, come all the fun gatherings. If you’re planning a gathering this year, let me tell you about Basic Invite. But first, what is Basic Invite? Well, anything and everything but basic! Basic Invite is a company that offers truly customizable invitations, stationery, and more.


Pants to Skirt Refashion Tutorial

This is such a classic refashion, and I don't know why I didn't post this tutorial earlier. Over the years, I've tried various methods, but today I am showing you the two methods I now use to make denim skirts. Denim skirts are a must-have for any modest closet. While I do wear denim jeans, I enjoy wearing denim skirts a lot. 

Learning how to make your own denim skirts is very practical and convenient because:

• Modest denim skirts are hard to find in stores

• The possibilities are endless, because you can make a skirt from any pair of jeans you find

• It's fairly easy to make your own skirts. 
If it's your first time, I suggest starting with a "practice" pair of jeans


Tasseled Khaki Jacket DIY Refashion

I thrifted this jacket back in 2014, and I loved it for chilly summer afternoons in San Francisco. Fast forward to 2018, and I see my poor little jacket all alone in the back of my closet. I've worn it maybe once or twice these past couple of years, so I decided to give it a makeover. I'm currently loving the tassel trend. (Dear fashion, please keep it alive a while longer!) If you've know me for a while, you've probably realized that I love pastel colors, so I was so excited to make pastel colored tassels when I found these threads hiding in my stash.


1. New half circle bell sleeves were added

2. Tassel detail added on front and around new sleeves

3. This jacket was sash-less, so I made a new one that matched the sleeves. 
(I tied it in a bow, for an ultra feminine look!)

I matched my new DIY refashioned tassel jacket with this pastel floral necklace. 
I also loved how well it paired with a skirt (for a more dressed up look) and my favorite jeans (for a more casual look).  I'm all about versatile pieces in my closet!


Anchor Print Faux Wrap Ruffle Skirt

It wouldn't be summer without some beach pictures right? Okay, I didn't take these at the actual beach, but I took them in a beach town, so that counts right? The beach was a few steps away, but it got full of people since I waited too long to take my photos. I didn't really want to be like "oh excuse me, excuse me" around beachgoers trying to have some summer fun, so I opted to take photos around the town instead. 


This summer I really wanted a ruffle wrap skirt. I love wrap skirts that have the ruffle front design. My mom actually got the J.Crew Rugby Knit Wrap Skirt for her birthday and I really wanted to recreate it. Originally I was going to draft a pattern, but pattern drafting brings me little joy, lol. Sewing is my joy, so I searched for a ruffle wrap skirt pattern. I came across the Carmen Flounce Skirt from Designer Stitch and I really loved how it turned out. This is actually a faux wrap skirt, so I added a faux tie belt to make it look like an actual wrap skirt.

I chose standard waistband, shorter length options. For the tie, I self drafted a tie belt that was 43 1/2" x 2 1/4". 


I purchased this anchor print lightweight denim at Joann's. Originally, I was going to use it to make a pleated skirt, but I decided to use it for a nautical themed summer wrap skirt. I found it in the denim section, next to the chambray fabrics. It has a slight stretch and sews up very nicely. I believe it was priced at $19.99 a yard, but it was half off, so it turned out to be $9.99/yard.

Here are some tips and tricks to use when making this skirt.


Cold Shoulder to "Normal" Sleeve Modest Dress Refashion

cold shoulder to modest sleeve refashion before and after

I got this dress last summer when the cold shoulder trend was everywhere and I was in love with the trend. Now, I still enjoy the trend every once in a while, like when I wear this cold shoulder lace dress I refashioned last year. I was definitely more into the cold shoulder trend last summer though.

vintage style modest wrap dress refashion

The cold shoulder opening was too big on this dress and the v-neckline was deeper than I liked. The cold shoulder sleeves had great potential, because they were big and ruffled. When I was playing around, draping the fabric, I fell in love with how the new ruffle sleeve looked like. 


- Too big cold shoulder sleeves turned into new modest ruffle sleeves.

- The v-neckline was brought up by using a sew on snap to hold it in place. (Like these)


DIY Tulle Circle Skirt Tutorial (Exposed Elastic Waistband)

lavender tulle skirt with unicorns sign

Oh tulle skirts, how I love thee. No matter how I'm feeling, tulle skirts give me so much happiness and make me feel like a princess. In all my years of sewing, I had never made one though. The only time I made one was when I made this Fourth of July dress, 3 years ago. It's incredibly easy to make a tulle circle skirt. The fact that it is a circular piece gives it a beautiful shape and movement.

tulle skirts with sewing supplies

 Seriously, now I want to make one in every color, even though I already have a couple in my closet! I will keep updating this post when I make more tulle circle skirts. :)

tulle circle skirt with ruffle blouse

For my magical 24th birthday this year, I made this lavender tulle skirt to match my unicorn print ruffle blouse. Usually, I hide my elastic waistbands, but this time around I bought this pink glitter elastic, so I wanted to show it off. You can make a waistband if you want your elastic covered, or you can show it if it's glittery or colorful. (or both!) There are many different colored elastics available, and in different sizes. I don't really like wide waistbands, so I chose a 1.5" wide elastic.

Now, let's get to making this beautiful tulle skirt!

June Modest Style Diary

blush mesh tunic and mirror sunglasses with palm trees

June has come and gone! It always goes by so fast because it's full of summer fun. This June I celebrated my birthday with my family, went out on a lot of shopping trips, and went camping. Even though I am not an "outdoor-sy" person, I enjoy being out in nature for a few days. 

floral peplum blouse with denim and blue purse

Anyway, here is my June style diary.
I'd like to say that about 90% of the time, I link similar items and not the exact ones in my style diary posts, because I'm not constantly purchasing clothes AND I sew/refashion a big part of what's in my closet. :)


How to Sew a Ruffle Front Blouse with Bell Sleeves

blue striped ruffle blouse summer outfit

Time does fly fast doesn't it? I made this ruffle front blouse for my birthday this year and I promised I would upload a tutorial after the birthday craziness. Since June is always packed with a bunch of summer fun, I'm finally getting around to posting this tutorial. :) I'm a huge fan of ruffles, so when I was trying to figure out what to make with this unicorn fabric, I knew I had to incorporate some ruffles into the design.

unicorn print ruffle blouse close up

This is an easy hack you can use to add a ruffle to the front of any top and some bell sleeves. I made these tops using the top of the Sweetheart Dress, but you can use any top pattern you have available. (I used the top of the Sweetheart Dress because I ran out of tracing paper and couldn't trace my other top patterns, hehe). You can even refashion any top you have using this tutorial, you would just need to open up the side seams.

For the bell sleeves, you can make either ruffle bell sleeves (like the blue striped blouse) or flounce bell sleeves (like the unicorn top). 


Restyling Exchange 2018 // Hooded Cardigan to New Floral Summer Top + What I Received

hooded cardigan to floral summer top before after

I participated in my very first refashion swap this year. I had been wanting to participate in one since last year, and I was very excited when I was invited to the Restyling Exchange. The Restyling Exchange is a "global refashion swap created to promote the use of pre-existing materials in our handmade practices in an effort to reduce waste and raise awareness for sustainable fashion." For more information, click here

Each participant sent out a garment to be refashioned by another restyler. Then, a garment was sent to us to be refashioned. It is such a fun surprise and so exciting to see what others refashioned with your garment. 

restyling exchange floral top

I was sent this hooded cardigan with some gorgeous embroidery. I definitely wanted the embroidery to be a main style element in the refashioned garment, and I wanted to use up as much as I could of it. I laid it out and thought out some ideas, before ultimately deciding that I would make a fun summer top out of the old cardigan. Here is how I cut the pieces and sewed it together.


Unicorn Birthday #OOTD

pose with mini unicorn pinata

I'm now 24! This year I decided to go all out with the unicorns. When I turned 15, my birthday was unicorn themed, so I thought why not again? It's totally acceptable to be 24 and still adore (and wear!) unicorns. I like everything unicorn anyways, because most of the time it's pastel, sparkly, and girly... which are the things I adore! To match my unicorn theme, I made an outfit to match. 

Outfit Details:

Unicorn headband: Envy Fine Clothing

unicorn ruffle blouse with tulle skirt looking away

I had tons of fun with this photoshoot. While prepping for it, I might've looked a little ridiculous hauling around so much unicorn themed items. Especially the huge unicorn pinata I got. It's literally half my size, haha! Originally I had gotten a mini one for my birthday, but I was browsing the flea market one day and the huge unicorn caught my eye. I just had to get it. :) 


May Modest Style Diary

My birthday month is almost over! I call it my birthday month because my birthday falls on the last day of May, so I tend to celebrate it all month long, hehe. This month was especially exciting because I finally got my braces off! I love my new smile and all the pain and discomfort was totally worth it. I didn't expect to get them off in time for my birthday, so that was a nice surprise.

Now, on to May's style diary. When I first started my blog, I used to upload daily style diaries (on days that I actually remembered to take a photo). I am going to start uploading monthly style diaries now, since I don't wear a different outfit every day. (I'm a SAHW and work from home, so most days I spend in my pajamas!) The same or similar items will be linked below each outfit. Okay, now on to May's style diary. :)


An Easy Way to Plan & Organize Outfits On Your Phone

chambray top with blush tulle skirt modest outfit

Do you ever wake up and start getting ready for your day, but you don't know what to wear?
Or do you try to picture outfits together in your head, but the vision doesn't come to life?
Or... do you keep on wearing the same outfit over and over again, because of lack of style inspiration?


I have felt like all of the above. I think we all have at one point. For me, it was whenever I was invited to go out last minute. On such a short notice, I never knew what to wear. I kept trying to picture outfits together in my head or quickly trying everything on and failing, until I discovered a new app called Finery. It's an app created to help you easily and quickly create outfits from clothing you already have in your closet. The app captures your online purchases when you sign up with the email you use for online shopping. (You can also add more than one email!) You can also easily add items that you purchased offline. I'm obsessed now! Finery is an easy way to get creative with what's in your closet, and really think outside the box. Best of all, it's free!

chambray top with blush tulle skirt modest outfit close up


How to Add Sleeves to a Sleeveless Top (or Dress!)

When I first started to refashion garments in my closet, I would add sleeves to my sleeveless tops and dresses. This and lengthening dresses is what I first did when I began to refashion. Even though I've shown the tutorial throughout various posts, I decided to make an "official" tutorial post. 

While I do wear sleeveless tops on occasion, I prefer sleeves, so learning how to make and add sleeves was a must for me!

striped t-shirt with floral sleeves in floral background

Sleeves can be sort of tricky to draft, but this is a simple and easy way to make and sew your own sleeves. This isn't an official sleeve pattern drafting tutorial, but rather a method anyone can easily apply and use. While I was in school, I took pattern drafting classes and I realized I did not like pattern drafting at all, lol! To this day, everything that has to do with patterns is my least favorite part of sewing, such as tracing and cutting out patterns. 

I've used this quick and easy method since 2015, and it's worked for all my tops! :)


DIY Ruffle Bell Sleeve Refashion

Lately, I've been obsessed with ruffled or bell sleeves. I've seen these sleeves being called both ruffled and bell sleeves, so I just included both names in my post. Personally, I use both names interchangeably. I believe the difference is that if the ruffle is longer, the sleeve will be considered a bell sleeve, versus if the ruffle is shorter, it's just called a "ruffled sleeve." BUT, I have also heard of this flounce sleeve being called a bell sleeve. (So many names!) 

For the purpose of these tutorials, this is what I'm calling them:

Ruffle Bell Sleeve: Like the one in this tutorial. This is basically a rectangle that is sewed closed and ruffled up.

Flounce Bell Sleeve: Like the one in this tutorial. This is what I call a circle ruffle. It is literally cut like a mini circle skirt.

If you'd like to add a ruffle or two to your closet, it's really easy to do so. In addition to ruffles, I also love stripes, so I decided to play around with some stripes when I refashioned this ruffle dress. When making these ruffled bell sleeves These sleeves add just the right amount of flair to any outfit, no matter what your style is. :)

If you'd like to add flounces to your sleeves instead, check out this tutorial.

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