Pants to Skirt Overalls Refashion

The last time I had some overalls, I was in the second grade, so I was due for a new pair right? I had been seeing these skirt overalls throughout social media, and I really liked them. One day as I was scrolling down Facebook, I saw a short video tutorial of someone turning shorts into overalls, and I thought "hey I could do that with a skirt!" And here were are with my tutorial. 

I sewed these back in October, but didn't get a chance to take photos until Thanksgiving. I decided to finally post this tutorial today, since in my mind, it is the official end of fall. Tomorrow is December, which means the start of all things Christmas. :D (Well, in my mind at least, that's how I see fall and winter).

I had some adorable little daisy buttons in my stash that matched these overalls perfectly, in my opinion. These are definitely going to be my go-to overalls for fall. (Even though these are my only pair of overalls and fall is now over LOL).

There are a few things that I learned for next time and I will share them to help you in your skirt-overall-making journey.

1. I would use a bigger pair of jeans to make my overalls. These were actually my size, but the legs fit loosely. I would use a bigger size next time to have more wiggle room.
2. Have matching fabric for the straps. I don't know how, but I did not even think of the straps until I realized I didn't have any fabric to make them. Luckily I found a matching gold fabric in my stash. (See it does help to hoard fabric!)


Too Big Skirt Refashion

I had this skirt in my refashion pile for the longest time. I just couldn't decide what to make with it. The print was my favorite and I love that it can be worn any season. Right now it is at the end of fall, beginning of winter and I can pair it with my sweaters and boots. The elastic waist makes it extra comfortable, and I am all about comfort all year round!

This refashion was super quick and easy. It took longer to take photos, edit them, and write this post! While I do like to challenge myself sewing-wise, sometimes it is nice to just make something quick. Thrift stores are a great place to find skirts that you can refashion into your size. All you need are scissors and some elastic.

I wanted this to be a midi skirt and leave the original hem alone. (Because who wants to hem again when there's a good hem present??) 


The Benefits of Making Our Own Clothes

Making your own clothes is a fun hobby and a productive way to spend your spare time, but there are other added benefits to doing so, too. If you’re planning on investing a sewing machine, mannequin and giving it a go, here’s why you should go ahead and take the plunge!

There’s more choice

Admittedly, these days we have lots of options when it comes to clothing. But with that being said, why does it feel like every time you go shopping for something specific, it’s impossible to find an item that’s just right? Ever find yourself stumbling upon a great dress with the wrong sleeves, or trousers that would look fantastic if they were a little longer or a different material? I personally always end up finding cute skirts or dresses at stores, but I try them on and they're a tad bit too short. With some sewing skills, you can easily purchase anything you like and simply refashion it a bit to your liking. That is actually why I started refashioning: to make my clothes more modest! :)
 When you make your own clothes, you can fashion them however you want. You can customize them to exactly the styles you’re after, make the fit perfect and you can pick from whatever materials and colors you want. If you’re skilled at making clothes, you never have to worry about finding the perfect outfit because you know you can create it yourself. Whether it’s tailoring an existing piece, or creating it from scratch. 

It’s good for the environment

We all generate far too much waste, and one thing we’re all guilty of is throwing away clothes that are perfectly good. Often it’s just because we don't like them any more, they’re not considered fashionable or they don’t fit. Millions of clothing items get thrown away every day and end up in landfill or incinerated- both are awful for the environment. When you have the skills to adjust the length and fit of things, you’ll find that you waste less, as clothes that would have been no good can now be reused. When you make your own clothes too, there’s less of a demand for companies to create more, and since many use sweatshops this is only a good thing. You know that your own items are made ethically and know where they came from, the same isn’t true of most of what you purchase ready made. More and more of us are understanding the importance of respecting the planet and the people on it, and businesses are following suite by giving us as consumers what we want- products without the guilt. You can buy more fair trade items than ever, and companies like https://diamondexpert.com/brilliant-earth-review/ even offer ethically sourced diamonds. By making your own clothes, it contributes to you doing your small bit for the planet.

This lace top used to be my favorite, until the collar got stained. Thanks to some refashioning, and it's one of my new favorites again! Check out the tutorial here.

You get to improve your skills

Just like any hobby or interest, the more you practice the better you will get. Making clothes is a productive way to spend your time, and as you improve you could even turn it into a business and earn some money. You could make clothes for dogs, fancy dress items for kids, prom dresses for teens or something else entirely! For example, my focus is on refashioning and creating modest styles. There are loads of directions you could go in, whether you keep it as a bit of fun or turn it into a side hustle. I decided to start a blog and through this opportunity I have met so many wonderful people and even sold some of my refashioned designs! :)

Ready to start creating? You can start with making a Pretty Pleated Skirt to practice making pleats, sewing an invisible zipper, and adding a waistband. I'm excited to see what you start creating & designing!

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