"Embroidered Flowers & Lace" Top Refashion

Today's refashion features this cute little embroidered top by Karen Kane. 

Sorry Karen, I wasn't feeling the elastic. :(
LOL, okay now I'm just being silly. :P
Anywhooss,  read below to see what this little top got transformed into!

1. I cut off the elastic at the sleeves and the hem.

2. After, I stitched down the raw edges on the sleeves and hem.

3. I cut out the lace panels as shown below. 
The top is for the bottom hem, and the bottom two are for the sleeves.

4. I sewed on the lace panel to the bottom hem as shown. 
I wrapped it around the finished edge, and zig zag stitched down.

Right sides of the lace & shirt facing together!

More visuals...

It looks like this when done.

5. I started sewing at the middle of the back, and wanted to leave a little overlapping flap. I now had to close this off.

6. I pinned and sewed one side first.

7. Next, I pinned and sewed the other flap.

8. Finally, the sleeves were left. I sewed them on the same way I did the bottom hem, EXCEPT, I closed off the lace panel first. (So in other words, no overlapping flap)



"Red, White, & Blue" // Style Diary

It's less than a week to 4th of July! 
I wanted to keep the patriotic spirit up by wearing red, white, and blue today!
I've had these pieces of clothing FOREVVA just stashed away in my drawers. 
I thought this time of year would be perfect to throw them on.


Top: Forever 21, ThredUp (get $10 here)
Skirt: Poshmark App (use code BWJFP for $5)
Booties: @_girlsboutique_  (Instagram)



"Beautifloral" // Style Diary

Just in case you were confused about the title: beautiful + floral. :)

Anways, today I am wearing my birthday present from my hubby!
He got me this "beautifloral" dress from Eliza J at Nordstrom.
He also got me a cute little cardigan to match. I love it so much!

The best part?! 


Dress: Eliza J, Nordstrom
Cardigan: Nordstrom
Purse: Coach
Shoes: WSS Shoes
Jewelry: Gifted



Mark 10:9

Today's scripture post is a bit different, since it's also a DIY! 
I made this as a present for a wedding we are going to.
It was an easy, budget friendly, but most of all a personal and sentimental present.

I spent a total of about $10-$12 on this project. 
I bought the frame and two puff paints.

1. First, I drew my lines as shown, using a ruler.

A closer look...

2. Next, I colored in the silver first, since it was the lighter color. Always do the lighter color first!
(I mean you don't HAVE to, you do you ;D)

3. After, I filled in the gold puff paint.

4. Next step was to place the scripture drawing onto the cardboard!

5. I placed 3 strips of double sided tape as shown. 
 (I had some from my FIDM days, so I didn't have to buy it!)

6. TA...


To those of us who are married this verse has a special place in our hearts. 
We are joined to our husband/wife by God!
And He says to not separate that.
This can mean anything, not just people. This can even mean our own selves!
Yes it is hard, but it is even harder to live without him/her. 
No matter how much you claim to "hate" him/her in your worst moments. You married this person for a reason, that reason is LOVE.

Just like Christ and His Bride, the Church. 
No matter how far from Christ we run away, we always end up together again. 
That is because we are JOINED together.
Just like we are joined together to our husband/wife.

P.S. YES I did misspell "separate", nobody's perfect LOL!!!


"Scallops & Anchors" // Scallop Edge Refashion

Today's refashion is perfect for Fourth of July weekend! 
This little anchor top was cute, but it needed a little extra something.
I decided to add a scalloped edge with red contrasting fabric.

*This will be for sale on @beebeebtq! :)


1. I cut a rectangle on the fold as shown. Here is how I got my measurements:

50" : The measurement of the bottom of the shirt, side seam to side seam.
Ex: 24" x 2" = 48" + 2" seam allowance.

10" : How long I wanted the red part to be, plus seam allowance for the scallops.

2. I used a cup to draw out the scallops and pinned the fabric up.

3. I sewed on the scallop drawings, and carefully cut around them.

4. Then I flipped them inside out, and sewed a straight stitch across.

5. I finished off the sides as shown. I didn't want the red part to be closed off, instead I wanted them to overlap.

6. I sewed on the red part to the shirt as shown.



Psalm 68:19

PSALM 68:19


The last part says, "who daily bears our burdens."

Who I am that God, the Almighty Creator of the universe, would want to bear my burdens, everyday?
Each of us is just a tiny speckle of His creation, yet He gives us salvation & bears our burdens.
After all, He knows what is it like to be human, since He came down to be fully human as Jesus. 
He was like us, but without sin.

It is so wonderful that He would bear our burdens. 
Matthew 11:30 says, "For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."
Of course it's light, because He is right there next to us!
He's daily bearing our burdens, just like He bore our sin on the cross.

If you're feeling overwhelmed today, take a deep breath, and let it go.
The Lord will bear your burdens.
Just have a little patience and a little bit of faith.

Praise be to the Lord!
To God our Savior!

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