Prom Dress Fail and Outdated Blouse Refashion

This was a really fun refashion. I was originally only going to refashion the prom dress, but decided to also refashion the blouse. 

The prom dress was given to me by my cousin who ended up with a "prom dress fail" and let me use it for a refashion. (Thank you!!!) She gave it to me Christmas 2016, so I thought it was about time that I finally refashioned it.

So the dress, the bust area just had two circles, the puffy sleeves fit weird, and there was a white tulle material under the lace that was itchy. As for the blouse (Thred-Up), I bought it thinking I would just wear it tucked into my new refashioned skirt, but when I tried it on, I didn't like how it fit me. It had an outdated fit.The sleeves were too puffy and long and the blouse itself was too long. 

This refashion took me a while longer, but it was really fun seeing the look come together.

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