"Kelly Green Summer Dress" Sleeves Refashion

I got this dress in a cheap bundle on Yerdle
I really liked the color for summer, and when I realized I don't own anything this color, I decided it was a keeper. 
I wasn't a big fan of the sleeves though. I felt they were like almost sleeves, but not really long enough...I don't know LOL. 

See the sleeves? I felt they were like sleeves, but tanky-topy at the same time. I'd rather have either sleeves or tank top straps. One or the other LOL.

1. First, I ripped the seams of the neckline binding from the top of the sleeves. 

2. Next, I cut off the remainder of the sleeves. 

3. After that, I made the sleeves out of a navy blue lace I bought at the Fashion District. 
I cut where the blue line is shown, for seam allowance. 

4. How the sleeves looked like. 
I was liking how the halter-typeish style was looking like, but I didn't want the lace to go to waste. :(

5. I sewed the sleeves to the sides of the dress first, not the neckline binding!

6. After that, I sewed the binding closed again.


The detail!

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