"Bows & Chiffon" Refashion

I got this shirt back in November, but I never wore it since the neckline was too big, & the back looked weird if I wore it with a cami underneath. I decided to pair it with a tan chiffon I had from over a year ago, and I think it turned out nicely! :)

1. First, I measured A & B. A being the hem of the shirt all around, and B being how long I wanted the chiffon part to be. 

2. Next, came C & D. C is the opened part of the shirt, and D is the length of the bows to the hem. 

3. Next, all these lovely letters are put to action in this guide! 

*****Color Guide*****
Yellow: Fold Line
Teal: Zig Zag Stitch
Lavender: Gathering Stitch

P.S. The top rectangle was the piece for the bottom part of the shirt. 
The bottom one was for the bow part of the shirt. 

P.P.S. I didn't hem the bottom parts of the rectangle, since I used the selvedge as the hem!

4. This is how the bottom piece of the t-shirt looked like after gathering.

5. Next, I attached it to the shirt as shown. 

6. After, I closed the open sides. 

7. Next, I pinned the other rectangle to the back as shown, and sewed along, until the shirt part ended.

8. After, I sewed the second rectangle to the open sides as shown. 

Lastly, I took in the neckline, since it was too big & loose for my taste. 


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