Failsafe Ways To Choose Jewlery For Men

 Men can wear jewelry too. Metrosexual men can show off their energy, attitude, and charm with pendants, bracelets, and other jewelry. Modern men want style, character, and quality. How to choose jewelry for your budget, personality, and image.


What are their likes?

Before buying jewelry at a store or online, you must know the wearer's style and preferences. They may want everyday or special occasion pieces.  Knowing the wearer's preferences makes choosing much easier.

When buying someone's jewelry, consider:


 Gold? If so, white gold or yellow gold, or perhaps rose gold? Silver, too. Jewelry should be one color, however rules can be bent! Gold is warmer and yellow-like on the color wheel. Browns, earth tones, and deep blues and greens complement it. Look for diverse tones when buying many gold jewelry pieces. If gold's colors vary greatly, you may end up with mismatched pieces.

Polished chrome and stainless steel are neutral. They appear grey because they are on the black-to-white gradient rather than the color wheel. That means they don't clash as much as gold, but they also don't create the same eye-catching contrasts. Silver jewelry looks elegant with black or dark grey clothing.


 Jewelry is generally the first thing people see, especially on men. To compound matters, people interpret jewelry differently. In some circles, an ornamental type ring might indicate membership in an organized criminal group, while in others, it can indicate riches and accomplishment.

Men's jewelry types


Cufflinks certainly have a purpose, but that does not mean they aren't also pieces of jewelry. Apart from watches and rings, cufflinks are possibly the most commonly worn piece of men's jewelry nowadays. Most are constructed of cheaper metals such sterling silver, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, or platinum. Sometimes, cufflinks have additional decorative elements such as precious jewels- rubies and emeralds are popular, or are made out of materials such as mother of pearl.


Again, watches serve a primarily functional purpose, but that does not mean they can’t be decorative as well. Look at Rolex—men pay thousands for high-end watches! One could argue that those with leather straps are more functional, while a watch with a metal band is more like a piece of jewelry. It is a personal choice!


 Men usually wear wedding rings. However, pinky rings and signet rings are not uncommon. There are more ‘rules’ around rings than other pieces of jewelry in terms of what they symbolize, how many should be worn at once, and on which finger.

Bracelets and necklaces: 

Many heavy link chains and bracelets have become synonymous with wealth. Look for ones made of semi-precious stones, such as tiger’s eye or onyx or lapis lazuli, or even a cuban link chain. You could also look for ones made of other materials such as leather or beads, and perhaps even check out magnetic bracelets for men. There are said to all sorts of medical benefits from jewellery with magnetic properties, and while there is no medical or scientific evidence that supports this conclusively, there is lots of anecdotal feedback stating improvements to health. It is worth checking out, right?

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