Happy Halloween from The Hundred Acre Wood!

It's Halloween in the Hundred Acre Wood (aka my backyard ;))!
I refashioned the dress to a skirt, decorated Pooh's signature red shirt, and got the cute little ears at Party City. I like to consider myself Winnie the Pooh's #1, (yeah #1!) fan, LOL. So if you can all share this blog post to make Pooh notice me, that'd be great! LOL, okay I'm just excited about today since the countdown to all the fun holidays begins! I'm already planning my Christmas outfit...am I getting ahead of myself...?


Shirt: Joann's, decorated by me
Undershirt: Rainbow Shops
Skirt: Refashioned from a dress
Ears: Party City
Shoes: Yerdle


Cutest little adorable Tsum Tsums!


Tigger made an appearance...

... and so did Eeyore!


"Leopardess Glamorous" // Refashion

"Leopard Glamour" was actually refashioned a few months ago, but I never got around to posting it. I wanted to wait till the fall/winter season to post. So I was debating between cheetah and leopard for the name of this top, so I needed to google the difference... again. (See here).  Anywhos, I liked the top part of the blouse (sequins!!), and wanted to pair it with some leopard print for the ultra girly, and glamorous touch. This top will also be put for sale on my shop, just be on the lookout. ;)

1. I cut the bottom band off the shirt.

2. I cut my rectangle for the "peplum." I cut it on the fold, as always, just to make things easier.

3. I closed the "peplum" piece and stitched a gathering stitch all around.

4. I sewed the "peplum" to the top, with a basting stitch.

5. Next, the elastic! I simply measured it and closed it off.

6. Afterwards, I just pinned the elastic in 1/2 and then in 1/4. (So basically, I folded it in half, marked it, then folded those halves in half again.)

7. Pinned and zig zag stitched the elastic. 

NOT PICTURED: Afterwards, I just added lace trim to the sleeves and the bottom hem.



"Windy Sunny Day" // Style Diary

I was in for a surprise today, it was windy! Agh, I personally don't enjoy wind, but what can I do about it? LOL, just go with it! Today I am spending the day in San Jose and afterwards at a birthday dinner. So since I am going to be out and about today, I wanted something casual but still stylish. It's supposed to be in the 70's today, so I opted for a jacket. I sense some fall weather coming up soon...hopefully. :)


Jacket: Thrifted
Top: Fashion Q
Jeans: Hollister CO. (Poshmark App, use code BWJFP for a $5 credit)
Boots: Deb Shops
Purse: @_girlsboutique_ (Instagram)



"Horses & Cowgirl Boots"

Today's style diary radiated my love for my small little town I live in. (For those of you who still don't know, I don't live in LA anymore). I grew up in this tiny little town that everyone complains about. Honestly, I absolutely love it. I have lived in the city before, and realized it is not for me. I had been wanting to wear this cute horse top, but the weather was just not cool enough. Even today it was still about 80 degrees, but surprisingly, it didn't feel as warm. 


Top: Thrifted (Looked new!)
Earrings: UCLA rummage sale
Purse: @_girlsboutique_ (Instagram)
Boots: Forever 21



Sew Spooky Series: "Shabby Chic Pumpkin" Tunic

It's already mid-October! This is my final piece of my Sew Spooky Series. I can't believe it's almost Halloween. Time flies when you're having fun! (Or sewing!) I used a plain black loose top and an orange lace top to make the "Shabby Chic Pumpkin" tunic.
*Now for sale in my shop! :)

1. I cut the shirt in half, then chopped off the elastic band it had.

2. Simple gathering stitch all the way around.

3. I attached the orange lace piece to the tunic as shown. (Right sides facing!)

4. I cut out a pumpkin out of the top part of the orange lace shirt. I pinned it on the tunic, and zig zag stitched all around it. 


P.S. I added a gold fabric paint trim around the pumpkin for that finishing touch

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