"Farmers Marker in Plaid" // Refashion

I remember seeing this lace tee and thinking "this needs some cuteness added onto it." I couldn't really figure out what to do with it until I remembered this plaid fabric. For some reason the plaid made a perfect match with the lace. 
In my original "vision," The bow was supposed to be on the back, but when I was putting it together, it got lost in its own pattern. 
I named it, "Farmers Market in Plaid because I could see myself throwing this on to go shop fresh produce at the local farmers market. :)

1. I measured where I wanted the plaid to start. I wanted it to hit at the waist, so I marked where the waist hits. I cut an inch under this measurement for seam allowance.

2.  Normally I would have done this towards the end but I wanted to get it out of the way lol. :)
I cut a strip, folded it in half, turned it inside out, and this is what I got:

3. I sewed it on where the pin is holding it in place. 

4. Ta Da! a bow :)

5. Now, on to the bottom. This is how I cut the bottom part of the shirt. 24" ended up being too long so I shed off a few inches. 

5. I wanted a high-low design so I cut it like this. The shorter part is the fold!

6. Next, zig zag stitched the top part & gathered it to fit the waist of the shirt.

7. To sew on the plaid part, I put right sides of the fabrics together, and left about 1/2" at the starting point & another 1/2" at the ending point. This is to close off the bottom.

8. This is how I sewed the bottom to the shirt. I started with the step above, of course. I started to pin at the center back of the shirt.

9. I sewed the bottom closed first, then to the shirt, as shown.


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