"Country Floral Lace" Button Up Refashion

Today's refashion is a button up! It's floral and colorful, perfect for summer coming up! Keep an eye out, this will be for sale at @beebeebtq! (Instagram) I decided to add lace to the front yoke, back yoke, and on the hem.

1. I marked the halfway point on the back yoke to make a mini pattern to cut out the lace. 

2. I traced half the pattern as shown.

3. I did the same thing to make the front yokes.

4. I cut out the lace pieces from the patterns. Both of these are on the fold. I cut the front yoke in half, so I could have 2. (One piece for each side)

5. Next, I sewed the front yokes as shown...

6. ... & the back yoke. I zig zagged stitched all around both the front & back yokes.

7. Lastly, I added a lace piece at the hem.

8. Actually, lastly, I added a little pocket to tie everything together. :)


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