"Spring Lace Garden" // Refashion

I got this dress from a dear sister to do something with, since the style is a little past. 
This was what the dress looked like before the refashion! 

1. I chopped the dress up in the places shown.

2. I measured A & B for the next step. 

3. This is how I cut the lace part, using the measurements from the step above.

4. Next, I sewed the first part of the lace to the dress as shown. I sewed it right next to the already existing zipper.

5. A closer look: 

6. Next, I sewed on the lace to the waist. I gathered the lace before sewing. Afterwards, I closed off the lace portion of the dress, by sewing the other side of the lace like in Step 4. 

7. I decided to add a peter pan collar out of lace. This is how I cut it out.

I couldn't fold it and turn it inside out, because the lace wasn't letting me. Instead, I cut it out as shown and sewed it on like that.

9. I sewed where the pins are at and on the shoulders to keep the collar in place.

Stay tuned for Sunday's Style Diary to see this dress in action! 

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