"A Special T-Shirt" Refashion

Today's refashion was kind of special to me. :) At first glance it looks like just a t-shirt right? But to me, it's not. By the way this is a great idea for those t-shirts you really like, but want to spice up a bit. 

This is the Christian Students at UCLA t-shirt. I was blessed to meet this wonderful group when I moved to LA. Even though I don't go to UCLA, I have felt like family here!

Now, onto the refashion!

1. First, I cut down the side of the shirt. 

2. Then, I made the big cut!

3. Next, I cut the new sides of the t-shirt, made of lace. (Note, I cut two layers at the same time!)

4. Next, I closed the sides closed at the seams shown below. 

5. Then, I sewed on the new sides of the t-shirt, as shown.

After that, I cut off the neckline binding to make the neckline more relaxed, and cuffed up the sleeves.


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