"Floral Angel Wings" // Tank Top to Short Sleeved Top

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This refashion started off as a tank top...

And a maxi dress... :)

I got this tank top at a thrift store because I liked the back of it.
I had this maxi dress since December just sitting in my sewing box so I knew it would be a perfect match for this new top.

Now, on to the refashion.

1. First I cut down both sides of the tank top, leaving about 1 inch uncut at the top near the armholes.
Also, I cut a slight arch to finish cutting off the front piece. 

2. Next, I cut out a square from the maxi dress. I measured how long I wanted the front & cut this length out. I left extra width for gathering. At this point I also added lace to the bottom of the front panel, as opposed to hemming it. I thought it would add a more feminine touch.

3. Next, I sewed down the sides of the now tank top. I left an inch of so of space. So in other words, I didn't sew all the way up to the armhole, just like I didn't cut all the way up. 

4. As I said in Step 1, I left about an inch or so before reaching the armhole, for this reason. After gathering the top part of the front panel, I sewed it on to the shirt on the little inch I left of space. 

5. So essentially my tank top was now inside out, I just needed to sew it shut. 

6. A closer look...

7. I pinned the gathered part as shown.

8. Here's another angle...

9. Then I added the sleeves. I wanted sort of loose sleeves a bit longer than normal short sleeve length. I also added the same lace trim that I added to the front of the shirt.

10. How they looked like cut out.

11. I decided to add a bow on the back so I cut out a big rectangle for the bow, and a smaller rectangle for the center. I didn't measure these out cleanly, so I added in my tape measure in the picture for size reference.


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