Skinny Jeans to Lace Capris // Refashion

I've seen those cute little lace details added on to sleeves, pockets, etc. So I thought why not capris? I was originally just going to make capris out of these, but decided to add something more, a feminine touch. 

How they looked before...

1. I marked where I wanted the capris to end. Then, I made another line about 1 1/2" below. This is where I sewed the lace in the next steps. 

2. Then, I folded the jeans in half to cut the second pant leg.

3. I folded it as shown. The crease line in #1 is the line that I folded to.

4. I pinned the lace as shown. I tucked a little piece of lace into the part that was cuffed up. This is where I sewed a straight stitch. 

5. As shown here: 


PS these are on sale at @beebeebtq (instagram) & so is the lace collar top!

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