Restyling Exchange 2018 // Hooded Cardigan to New Floral Summer Top + What I Received

hooded cardigan to floral summer top before after

I participated in my very first refashion swap this year. I had been wanting to participate in one since last year, and I was very excited when I was invited to the Restyling Exchange. The Restyling Exchange is a "global refashion swap created to promote the use of pre-existing materials in our handmade practices in an effort to reduce waste and raise awareness for sustainable fashion." For more information, click here

Each participant sent out a garment to be refashioned by another restyler. Then, a garment was sent to us to be refashioned. It is such a fun surprise and so exciting to see what others refashioned with your garment. 

restyling exchange floral top

I was sent this hooded cardigan with some gorgeous embroidery. I definitely wanted the embroidery to be a main style element in the refashioned garment, and I wanted to use up as much as I could of it. I laid it out and thought out some ideas, before ultimately deciding that I would make a fun summer top out of the old cardigan. Here is how I cut the pieces and sewed it together.
I used the front of the cardigan to make the new sleeves.

restyling exchange hooded cardigan before

I placed my pattern piece on the fold to cut out new embroidered sleeves.

I cut them on the edge, so I didn't have to hem the sleeves. :)

restyling exchange hooded cardigan sleeve cut out

Next, I used the hood to make part of the back bodice.

restyling exchange hooded cardigan before

I put my pattern piece on top and cut out 2 back bodice pieces.

restyling exchange bodice cut out of hood

I sewed the two back bodice pieces together to form the top part of the back bodice.

restyling exchange new back bodice pieces

For the bottom part of the back bodice, I used the back of the cardigan. I cut the bodice a little bit flared out to make a slight swing style top.

new back bodice piece cut out from back of cardigan

I sewed the bottom part of the bodice to the top and here is how the back bodice looked like:

restyling exchange back bodice piece

I had this floral fabric in my stash for months now. It just so happened to match the embroidery, so I used it for the front bodice of the top.

new floral summer refashioned top

I cut a piece from the cardigan to use as neckline binding.

restyling exchange binding on neckline

I just love how the back looked! 

restyling exchange back of floral summer top

I sent it off in some summer-y packaging in hopes that my refashion buddy liked it! :)
UPDATE: She loved it! Check out @ruddytocraft on Instagram to see it in action!

floral package sent out for restyling exchange


This was honestly so much fun to make AND, it was equally just as exciting when I received my refashioned garment back. I sent out two tees; a graphic tee and a grey one with lace sleeves. The "Shopping is my Cardio" tee was actually featured in my Modest Crop Top post. It actually got a bit smaller, so I sent it in to be refashioned. I was really excited when I received this awesome messenger bag! It is spacious and very comfortable to carry. I just love it. :) 

You can check out more of my restyler's work over at @refashiondiaries on Instagram.

restyling exchange before and after messenger bag
I paired my new bag with my pink unicorn keychain and my me-made pink unicorn peplum.

shopping is my cardio bag

shopping is my cardio bag close up

My restyler used the sleeves from one of the tops I sent to make this cute little pocket, perfect for my phone! (Okay, this is my mom's phone, LOL. Mine is cracked and I didn't want to show it off, hehe.)

Also the entire bag is lined with the grey jersey top I sent.

close up of floral and lace pocket

new bag from restyling exchange

Overall this experience was amazing and so fun. I already can't wait until next year's restyling exchange!

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