Cold Shoulder to "Normal" Sleeve Modest Dress Refashion

cold shoulder to modest sleeve refashion before and after

I got this dress last summer when the cold shoulder trend was everywhere and I was in love with the trend. Now, I still enjoy the trend every once in a while, like when I wear this cold shoulder lace dress I refashioned last year. I was definitely more into the cold shoulder trend last summer though.

vintage style modest wrap dress refashion

The cold shoulder opening was too big on this dress and the v-neckline was deeper than I liked. The cold shoulder sleeves had great potential, because they were big and ruffled. When I was playing around, draping the fabric, I fell in love with how the new ruffle sleeve looked like. 


- Too big cold shoulder sleeves turned into new modest ruffle sleeves.

- The v-neckline was brought up by using a sew on snap to hold it in place. (Like these)


1. I cut the cold shoulder sleeves off.

cold shoulder dress refashion Step 1 cut sleeve off

2. I laid out the sleeve flat, as shown below. I put the sleeve and bodice together (like shown in Step 4) to make sure the sleeve fit the armhole. Luckily it did and I didn't have to make the sleeve smaller.

cold shoulder dress refashion step 2 lay sleeve flat

3. I cut off the excess fabric.

cold shoulder wrap dress refashion step 3 cut excess fabric off

4. Lastly, I pinned the sleeve under the seam and topstitched. 
You don't have to topstitch your sleeves. I did because the armholes were already finished off and I wanted to keep that look.

cold shoulder wrap dress refashion step 4 pin sleeve and sew

Done! New modest wrap dress! :)

cold shoulder to normal sleeve close up

vintage style modest wrap dress outfit

vintage style modest wrap dress close up

vintage style modest wrap dress side view

vintage style modest wrap dress

cold shoulder to normal sleeve close up

vintage style modest wrap dress

modest wrap dress close up

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