May Modest Style Diary

My birthday month is almost over! I call it my birthday month because my birthday falls on the last day of May, so I tend to celebrate it all month long, hehe. This month was especially exciting because I finally got my braces off! I love my new smile and all the pain and discomfort was totally worth it. I didn't expect to get them off in time for my birthday, so that was a nice surprise.

Now, on to May's style diary. When I first started my blog, I used to upload daily style diaries (on days that I actually remembered to take a photo). I am going to start uploading monthly style diaries now, since I don't wear a different outfit every day. (I'm a SAHW and work from home, so most days I spend in my pajamas!) The same or similar items will be linked below each outfit. Okay, now on to May's style diary. :)

This was probably the comfiest outfit that I wore out of the entire month. I wore this to church on Sunday with my hair down, but it got hotter later in the day, so I put my hair up and threw on some sunglasses. I love this maxi skirt because the slits are at a modest length and it's fresh for a hot spring or summer day. 

Whenever I go somewhere "outdoorsy," I always have to wear camo print. This month I went to a river and I took out my camo hat and camo skirt. I paired my camo print with this souvenir graphic tee that I got from Pinecrest. I couldn't find a camo print skirt like mine, so I linked a similar style skirt in grey. I call them "sweat skirts," because they are like sweatpants, but in skirts, lol. :D



This was a Sunday #OOTD at the beginning of the month. I adored this ruffle sleeve top so much that I ended up wearing it throughout the entire month. I actually got this top from a catalog. (Yes, that's still a thing!) I also purchased this floral blouse from the same catalog about a year ago. 

I snapped this photo when I dressed it down with some jeans and Toms.

Overall, I didn't get to photograph too many outfits this month, since it was pretty busy. I'll aim for more outfits next month! :)

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