Anchor Print Faux Wrap Ruffle Skirt

It wouldn't be summer without some beach pictures right? Okay, I didn't take these at the actual beach, but I took them in a beach town, so that counts right? The beach was a few steps away, but it got full of people since I waited too long to take my photos. I didn't really want to be like "oh excuse me, excuse me" around beachgoers trying to have some summer fun, so I opted to take photos around the town instead. 


This summer I really wanted a ruffle wrap skirt. I love wrap skirts that have the ruffle front design. My mom actually got the J.Crew Rugby Knit Wrap Skirt for her birthday and I really wanted to recreate it. Originally I was going to draft a pattern, but pattern drafting brings me little joy, lol. Sewing is my joy, so I searched for a ruffle wrap skirt pattern. I came across the Carmen Flounce Skirt from Designer Stitch and I really loved how it turned out. This is actually a faux wrap skirt, so I added a faux tie belt to make it look like an actual wrap skirt.

I chose standard waistband, shorter length options. For the tie, I self drafted a tie belt that was 43 1/2" x 2 1/4". 


I purchased this anchor print lightweight denim at Joann's. Originally, I was going to use it to make a pleated skirt, but I decided to use it for a nautical themed summer wrap skirt. I found it in the denim section, next to the chambray fabrics. It has a slight stretch and sews up very nicely. I believe it was priced at $19.99 a yard, but it was half off, so it turned out to be $9.99/yard.

Here are some tips and tricks to use when making this skirt.


This skirt uses darts for a better fit on woven fabrics. I like to use a pen or tailor's chalk to mark the darts.

This pattern has a lot of pieces, so I used a tape and sharpie to keep track of my pieces. 

I made a faux tie belt for the side of the skirt. I cut out a strip of fabric 43 1/2" x 2 1/4", sewed all the way down the long side and turned it inside out. 

To turn the strip inside out, place a safety pin through one side, as shown below.

Then, turn it down, as pictured.

Push the safety pin down and continue to do so. The fabric will begin to bunch up.

Keep pulling until the strip turns inside out.

Once the faux tie strap was done, I folded it in half and sewed it on the waistband.

I paired my new summer skirt with my striped ruffle front blouse for a nautical inspired beach outfit.

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