"Leopardess Glamorous" // Refashion

"Leopard Glamour" was actually refashioned a few months ago, but I never got around to posting it. I wanted to wait till the fall/winter season to post. So I was debating between cheetah and leopard for the name of this top, so I needed to google the difference... again. (See here).  Anywhos, I liked the top part of the blouse (sequins!!), and wanted to pair it with some leopard print for the ultra girly, and glamorous touch. This top will also be put for sale on my shop, just be on the lookout. ;)

1. I cut the bottom band off the shirt.

2. I cut my rectangle for the "peplum." I cut it on the fold, as always, just to make things easier.

3. I closed the "peplum" piece and stitched a gathering stitch all around.

4. I sewed the "peplum" to the top, with a basting stitch.

5. Next, the elastic! I simply measured it and closed it off.

6. Afterwards, I just pinned the elastic in 1/2 and then in 1/4. (So basically, I folded it in half, marked it, then folded those halves in half again.)

7. Pinned and zig zag stitched the elastic. 

NOT PICTURED: Afterwards, I just added lace trim to the sleeves and the bottom hem.


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