Sew Spooky Series: "Shabby Chic Pumpkin" Tunic

It's already mid-October! This is my final piece of my Sew Spooky Series. I can't believe it's almost Halloween. Time flies when you're having fun! (Or sewing!) I used a plain black loose top and an orange lace top to make the "Shabby Chic Pumpkin" tunic.
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1. I cut the shirt in half, then chopped off the elastic band it had.

2. Simple gathering stitch all the way around.

3. I attached the orange lace piece to the tunic as shown. (Right sides facing!)

4. I cut out a pumpkin out of the top part of the orange lace shirt. I pinned it on the tunic, and zig zag stitched all around it. 


P.S. I added a gold fabric paint trim around the pumpkin for that finishing touch

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