Sew Spooky Series: "Peek A Boo Pumpkin" // Refashion (Made with a Plain T-Shirt & Shorts)

My second piece for my Sew Spooky Series!
I literally walked up to my closet looking for pieces waiting to be rescued and brought into the outside world, when I found the perfect two pieces. I found a Halloween shirt from a few years ago, and these AWESOME candy corn print shorts. Then, I simply pulled out a plain grey tee from my plain tees stash. What did I use each piece for? Read on below. :) 
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1. These candy corn print shorts were going to be transformed into sleeves!

I cut them around all the seams

Hello soon to be sleeve! I used this tutorial here to make my raglan sleeves.

Back again? Great! Now, the halloween tee was going to be transformed into an applique. Yes, I know technically it was an applique to begin with, but ya know. *shoulder shrug* I handstitched the applique onto the shirt, peeking out of the lace pocket I made. 

The lace pocket I was referring to. 


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