Dress to Skirt Refashion

I got this lovely dress off Yerdle, but I transformed it into a skirt for my Winnie the Pooh Halloween costume. Of course, I kept the top part for a future project. :) Transforming a dress to a skirt is super easy, and a great way to revamp your closet.

1. I cut off the top part of the dress.

2. I added a lining, but if you don't wish to, just skip to the Step 4. :)
I simply laid the skirt piece down on the lining fabric (notice the lining fabric is folded in half for easier cutting). Then, I added some seam allowance, and cut (where the black lines are at). I also made the lining piece a bit shorter than the actual skirt.

3. I put both lining and skirt pieces together, and sewed a zig zag stitch across the top.

4. I folded down the skirt just enough to let the elastic pass through, and pinned.

5. I left a space opening to close off the elastic.

6. I stitched all around, except that space in Step 5.

7. Remember the space from Step 5? I passed the elastic through with a safety pin.

8. I aligned the elastic together, and stitched it down multiple times to leave it sturdy.

9. After the elastic was closed off, I just stitched down the open space on the waistband.

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