Sew Spooky Refashion Series // "Halloween Lace" Tops

It's October, which means it's that time of year for all that "sew" spooky fun! 
I am starting my "Sew Spooky" refashion series in honor of this month. I will be posting Halloween inspired refashions throughout this month. (I'm so excited for my refashioned costume!) This is like the best time of year, since it's holiday after holiday. (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's...need I say more?) 

This is my first refashion in the series, and I have not only one, but TWO. :)
BOTH for sale at my online shop! :)

1. I first marked where I was going to cut the sleeves, to sew in lace inserts. 

2. Next, I made the cuts, as shown.

3. After, I cut the lace inserts. I wanted to go for the bell sleeve look, so I inserted two lace triangles. I cut those triangles as shown. I cut it on the fold to make it easier. After I was done cutting, I had four triangles in total. 

4. I inserted lace triangles on the sides of the shirt too, so I cut them how  I cut the previous triangles.

5. Next, I sewed the lace triangles on the cuts I made in the sleeves in Step 2. 

See? Finished bell sleeve with that "Halloweeny" feel. :)

6. Finally, I sewed on the lace triangles on the sides of the shirt.


The other refashioned top! :)

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