"Mexi-Cute" Dress Refashion // T-Shirt to Dress

Mexi-Cute: ME
LOL, just kidding!
I named it that, because the embroidered flowers reminded me of the traditional outfits from some regions & I love them.

This little summer dress started off as the t-shirt shown below. I got this shirt because I liked the embroidered flowers on the front. That was about it LOL. 

I used a dress from Old Navy that was too big for me, for the bottom of the dress. It's such a pretty eyelet fabric! I'm saving the top for another project. Be on the lookout. ;)

1. I chopped the dress for my skirt part of the dress.

2. I chopped the t-shirt.

3. The Old Navy dress came with a slip, so I cut off a shorter piece for the lining.

4. I measured how much elastic I wanted around the waist, and sewed down as shown.

5. I gathered both the top & skirt to the measurement of the elastic.

6. I sewed the skirt part as shown.

7. I flipped it, so only an itty bitty of the elastic is showing.

8. I sewed the top part next. I folded down as I was pinning, to leave a clean edge.

9. I pinned the shirt like this. Right sides together!


Originally, the dress had a big bow as shown below.

BUT, I wasn't convinced, so I took it off & added bell sleeves using the sleeves from the Old Navy dress! Ha, I refashioned my own refashion...


The bell sleeves were a better fit for the dress, because it made it feel more "summery."
 The bow was kind of awkward, I don't know, I don't feel it fit in.
I'm obsessed with bows, that's why I tried to make it work in the first place!


  1. The dress looks very stylish, I especially like the bell sleeves. I visited Paris last week and everyone was wearing white.

  2. Wow, that's awesome! Would love to see Paris fashions someday. :)


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