"Pretty in Polka Dots" // Basic Graphic T-Shirt Refashion

This started off as a basic graphic tee. I got it brand new, but I needed more than just a basic graphic tee. I needed "WOW" LOL. I wanted to get rid of the "GLAM" part because I am not a 12 year old girl anymore haha. I did save it for a future project.

1. First, I cut off the entire front of the shirt. I then measured "A" (length of the front piece cut off).

2. Then, I cut out my new front piece. The length of this new front piece was A + seam allowance. I added 2" seam allowance. Huge right? Better safe than sorry!

3. I gathered the polka dot fabric to fit the top part of the shirt, as shown.

4. I cut a piece of thin elastic, the same measurement.

5. Pin, pin, pin. So yeah, I pin the "wrong" way, but is it really wrong if it still achieves the same result? ;)

6. I zig zag stitched the elastic to the polka dot fabric.

7. Next, it was time to attach it to the shirt. I started off by attaching to the top, which was an easy straight line. I zig zag stitched. 

8. It gets a little tricky here. I sewed the polka dot fabric to a part of the sleeve, then down the side seam, as shown.

9. After the shirt was done, I moved on to the sleeves! I wanted bell sleeves, so I cut them out as shown. These are NOT on the fold!

10. I gathered them, and left about 1" to close them off. 

11. I sewed down, folding over the seam twice to make it look clean. 

12. This is how I attached it to the sleeve. I used a zig zag stitch for this as well.

This top is posted for sale at @sewmuchloveshop (Instagram)
At the end, I added a little bow as you can see. :)

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