"Plaids & Polka Dots" // Plaid Button Up Shirt Refashion

This little refashion was really fun, because I didn't have an end goal in mind. I just knew I wanted to use the polka dot fabric, since the two pinks matched so well. After sewing the polka dot fabric, I remembered I had some lace trim and decided to add it on as well. I love the "shabby chic" look. :)

1. I cut open the sides of the button up. I cut up about 1" into the sleeve. Measure this cut, you will need it for the side triangles.

2. Next, I cut my two side triangles. I used my tape measure to help me make a straight line. The length of the triangle is the measurement I took in Step 1.

3. I now had two triangles on the fold, ready to be sewn!

4. I sewed one side first, ***!right sides of the fabrics touching!***. Then, I did the same thing to the other side of the triangle. 

5. After sewing in my two triangles, I sewed on some lace trim on the bottom.

6. I added more lace on the back yoke...
(I made a little pleat in the middle to turn while sewing, since the yoke line wasn't straight)

7. And just to tie it all together, I added lace to the pockets.


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