4th of July 2015! // Tank Top to Dress Refashion

Yay for 4th of July! 
I got this tank at a thrift store, but never wore it.
It got tossed in my "refashion to sell later" pile, but I ended up falling in love with this dress! 
(oops, I guess you know what this tank evolved into!)

So this is what it started off as...

For the bottom of this dress (which is a tulle skirt essentially), I used this tutorial here.
It is beautifully written out and photographed. 

But before you head on over, let me show you what I did different...(not that I made a mistake or two...okay maybe)

1. I didn't fold my tulle like in the tutorial, so instead of a full circle, I got a half! I tried it on after I cut the lining, and it didn't fit my waist! Then I realized I didn't fold it in half TWICE. AGHHHH. 

I had to cut more at the waist to fix it. So in the end, my lining is a half circle, while the 2 tulle layers are full circles. It didn't end up looking wacky or anything though.

***The dotted lines are fold lines by the way***

2. This is how you're supposed to fold the tulle!  

In the first picture, the fold line is on top, your tulle is folded in half, going down.
In the second, your tulle is folded in half to the right, going this way -->
In the last picture, your tulle is folded in half sideways again, going this way -->

3. Now here is how I cut out my tulle skirt part, twice, or as many layers as you want.

4. I gathered only the tulle skirts together, not the lining, since it was only a half circle, and I cut the waist exactly to my measurement. After that, I attached the lining to these tulle layers with a basting stitch.

Now that you've seen what I did different, head on over to the tutorial here to make your own tulle skirt!



Back already?!
Let's get to it!

5. Now that the bottom part of the dress is done, I worked on the top. I chopped off a chunk of the tank, I wanted it to end at my waist.

6. Next, I attached the top to the elastic and a part of the skirt. 

7. After all that, I made a bow for the back. I compiled it into a mini tutorial of it's own.

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  1. My reaction was this: "AH that is so adorable"! Awesome job its's a beautiful dress!


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