Crushed Velvet Wrap Dress // Christmas Eve

For my last sewing project of 2017, I sewed up the best for last. I received some lovely crushed velvet in sage from Mily Mae Fabrics. I am so in love with everything velvet, especially in lighter pastel colors. Also, it feels and looks exquisite. I will definitely be sewing more projects with velvet this upcoming year.
For the dress I used the Mama Isabel pattern from Made for Mermaids. It was my first time making a wrap style dress, but thankfully the pattern instructions were very clear. The thing I loved about this pattern was the Duster Cardi Hack, so I can wear the Mama Isabel as a dress AND a duster! I love cardigans and kimonos, so this was amazing to hear. Since I am 5'2", I had to shorten the pattern. 

Overall, I loved making this dress. I also can't wait until the weather warms up a bit to style it as a duster. Oh and... MARY CHRISTMAS EVE!


Velvet Headwarmer + Boot Cuffs (Freebie Patterns!)

Two days until Christmas! Can you believe how fast the year went by? 
This has been an awesome year so far. I literally just got back from Lake Tahoe, and it was amazing. My husband and I went for our anniversary. Our trip consisted of a fancy dinner, some souvenir shopping, and sledding, which was all perfect. It was my first time going sledding, and it was awesome! I cannot wait until next time. :)
So, I'm trying to wear all of my holiday apparel before December ends. I feel like the month is too short to show everything off, hehe. :) To coordinate with my Mickey and Minnie Christmas sweater, I made a Slouchy Headwarmer from Patterns for Pirates and some matching Boot Cuffs from Made for Mermaids. They turned out perfect with gorgeous crushed velvet from Mily Mae Fabrics

The Slouchy Headwarmer can actually by worn in 4 different ways; as shown below, as a beanie, as a bun beanie, and as a cowl neck. As for the boot cuffs, I added a couple of inches to the pattern. These were both easy and quick to make. I definitely see myself making more in the future. 

Well, I'm off to finish wrapping the last of my presents! :)


Floral Patch Lace Top with Ruffle Sleeves Refashion

This little lace top with a peter pan collar was one of my absolute favorite tops a couple of years ago. I wore it back in 2014 with my Denim Skirt Lace Refashion. Unfortunately, some of the dye from the top transferred onto the collar and it got put aside in my "to refashion" pile. 

I originally bought these embroidered lace patches for another project, which I will definitely share next month. I love these patches because they're nice size and they can instantly add a pop of interest to a top, backpack, etc. I had an extra pair and decided it was time to upgrade my once (and currently!) favorite top. 

These patches were also an excellent match to this floral fabric I had in my fabric stash. Honestly, I can't remember where it is from, but it is a super soft double brushed poly. 


1. I pinned the patches where I wanted them to be and I hand sewed them on. Yes, this was quite time consuming, but I had way more control around all the little curves and edges of the patch design. 

I also cut off the collar.

2. Next, it was time to finish off the neckline.

To do this, I cut a piece of fabric 2" (width) and 85% of the length of the neckline (length).

I folded it in half once...

... and folded in the top and bottom, as shown below...

... and folded & pressed that in half again. :)

3. Then it was time to attach the neck binding. I pinned the right side of the neck binding to the wrong side of the lace top. Stretch the binding to fit the neckline. :)

4. After I sewed the seam in step 3, I folded the binding over and pinned to the top of the lace shirt, as shown below.

This is what it looks like completely folded over.

Finished the neck binding!

5. I still felt like this lace top needed a little extra pop, so I added some ruffles on the sleeves.

I measured the sleeve opening, as shown by the pink dots. I doubled this measurement and added about 5-6", plus 1/2" for seam allowance. You can add more inches to this measurement, depending on the amount of desired gathering.

6. I cut out two rectangles (soon to be ruffles), using the measurement from step 5. The width is up to you, depending on how wide you want your ruffles.

7. I sewed a gathering stitch along the top of the rectangle. 
I also folded the rectangle in half, right sides together and sewed it closed. 

8. Once I gathered it, I turned it inside out.

9. Next, the ruffle was pinned to the sleeve, right sides together.

All sewn up and ready!



Crushed Velvet-y Goodness

This was my first time taking photos in the rain. I actually didn't plan nor want to take photos while it was raining. My husband was the one who said it was a good idea and that the pictures would turn out nice. I got a lot of stares from people who drove by and my hair got ruined (I had curled it, ha!), but it was a fun experience. Would I do it again? Probably with a hat or a bun, haha!

Now, on to the actual post! :)
This season is all about velvet, especially my favorite: crushed velvet. This awesome crushed velvet can be found at Mily Mae Fabric Shop. She has so many other lovely colors available, talk about some serious #hearteyes and #swoon. It is absolutely stunning and more specifically, it is crushed velvet-y goodness.

I made two circle skirts, one in the "mushroom crush" color and another in "rose crush." I used the Sweetheart Dress pattern, just the bottom part. Here is a link to the "circle skirt hack." 

Outfit #1

Top, Choker, & Booties: Rue 21
Skirt: me-made

Outfit #2

Top, Choker, & Booties: Rue 21
Skirt: me-made

Outfit #3

This was actually my Thanksgiving outfit. I took pictures that same day, but with all the festivities, I didn't get a chance to post them until now. I made this floral top using the Sweetheart Dress pattern, only the top part. I lengthened it a bit and drafted out the ruffles. The fabric is from Knitpop and it is a dreamy soft double brushed poly. 

Top & Skirt: me-made
Jewelry & Booties: Rue 21

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