Lace Cold Shoulder Dress Refashion // How To Add Cold Shoulder "Sleeves" To a Sleeveless Dress or Top

With the cold shoulder trend staying and not leaving anytime soon, I decided to make my own cold shoulder dress refashion. I absolutely love the cold shoulder trend. I feel it's modest, trendy, and adds an interesting touch to garments.

This is an easy way to add cold shoulder "sleeves" to any sleeveless dress or top. I am planning on trying more variations and refashions with cold shoulder "sleeves," so be on the lookout. :)

I got this beautiful lace about a year ago, and when I was planning my next refashion, I realized that this lace was the perfect match for this sleeveless lace dress. Can you believe that I bought it at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale last year and hadn't worn it until I refashioned it? LOL.


1. I cut two pieces as shown below. 

On the teal dots, I hemmed the top of the lace (you can zig zag or serge this part), and sewed in some elastic.

On the pink dots, I hemmed the edges. (You can also serge this part).

2. Then I took those pieces and sewed them to the dress. (The pink dots).
Afterwards, I sewed the new "sleeve" together down the teal dots, as you would close any other sleeve.

3. As a finishing touch and to add some length, I added some matching lace to the hem.



My Modest Swimsuit

modest swimsuit coral pineapple

Can you believe this? I sewed this swimsuit back in June, but I'm barely posting it now. I feel like it's basically the end of summer because it's August, but then I check the weather and realize summer is going to stay here for a while. :) Anyways, this is my modest swimsuit that I sewed up for this summer. Making this swimsuit was really quick and easy. 


For the bottoms, I used the  Peg Legs pattern from Patterns for Pirates. I chose the Bike Length and added an extra inch for length.

For the top, I used the  Sweetheart Dress pattern from Patterns for Pirates. I sewed up the sleeves and bodice in my size (size XS), and I cut the peplum piece in XS from the waist, but I used the length from the size L. 

modest swimsuit swimwear summer

I have a serger now, but I didn't when I made this swimsuit, so I used a stretch stitch to sew it all up. Instead of hemming the sleeves, I made contrast bands from the Peg Legs fabric. So funny story, I didn't have enough navy fabric for a contrast neckband because I used it all up when I made the wrong size Peg Leg shorties. I was rushing when I made this swimsuit, so I hadn't realized that I needed to size up because the fabric didn't have as much stretch as needed. 

modest swimsuit swimwear coral

Overall, I really liked the coral/navy combination. I searched through a lot of sites for swimwear fabric. Since this was my first swimsuit, I didn't want to spend a lot of money on fabric. So then came Amazon to the rescue! I bought  this coral swim fabric and  this navy swim fabric. One yard of each was enough for me to make my swimsuit. 

modest swimsuit swimwear

modest swimsuit swimwear pineapple

Overall, I'm happy with the outcome, considering it was my first time working with swimwear fabric and the fact that I had to finish it in one day LOL. I'm already planning designs for next summer. :)

P.S. Don't mind my crazy lake hair in some of the pictures. I was planning on taking photos before swimming, but the sun was hitting too hard, and I had to wait for the "golden hour" to take my pictures.

modest swimsuit swimwear pineapple sunglasses


"Woodland Fairytale"

Hello August!
These are pictures from my cabin trip in July. One of the nights we stayed there, we had a fancy dinner to celebrate my mom's birthday. Her favorite color right now is mint, so I wore this dress. Since there were beautiful trees all around, I wanted to do a "woodland fairytale" photoshoot. (Hence this post's name lol). I hadn't worn this dress since my FIDM graduation, so I was happy to wear it again. :) 


Dress: Nordstrom
Hair Flower: Local Boutique
Sandals: Saltwater Sandals



2017 Scrap Busting Craft Challenge: July "DIY Criss Cross T-Shirt"

Can I just start off by saying that I can't believe that the last time I posted on my blog was for last month's Craft Challenge? *insert wide eyed emoji here* I actually have projects ready to be posted, but haven't been able to schedule photo shoot time. It's crazy how fast the weeks pass by. Summer is going by way too quickly!

Now on to the Craft Challenge! 
For this month, I decided to use spaghetti strap trim. I got this during my time at FIDM and never used it. I found some for sale online and it's a good price. Here is the  link. Lately, I've been seeing criss cross tees everywhere so I decided to make my own. I used an old FIDM tee to match the black spaghetti strap trim.


1. I cut out a "V" in the front. I left the neckline binding though.

2. I cut out some pieces of the spaghetti strap trim and pinned on the "V" of the shirt, as shown.

3. Then, I sewed the pieces on. I decided to add one more row of the criss cross straps.


Now, check out what the other crafters are creating this July:

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