The Bible Verse That Everyone Knows: John 3:16

I'm pretty sure we have all seen, heard, or know the famous bible verse, John 3:16.  
During my first year at FIDM, I had this verse written on my tote bag. There was one time when I was in the elevator and a girl that was walking out turned to me and said, "John 3:16, thank you I needed that." I think I just smiled because I didn't know what else to say. If I remember correctly, that was the only time that someone mentioned the bible verse on my tote bag.

Remembering all that now brings to mind two things now.

1. People watch and notice.

As Christians, we are called to be the light, to be ambassadors of love, to be His hands and feet. We don't literally have to walk around with bible verses on us. To show Christ to the world, we should be loving, unselfish, serving, giving, and everything that Christ was when He stepped on this earth. And most importantly, everything that He IS. 

2. Salvation is for everyone who believes.

When I first started going to church, I was told I had to make some outward changes. I stopped wearing makeup, I stopped wearing pants, I stopped wearing jewelry, etc... Let's just say that if I start to make an actual list, this blog post will run too long. ;) Anyway, with time I turned a little judgmental. I sincerely believed that anyone who didn't follow my church's rules, was not saved. Once, I was watching a Youtube video in which a girl was singing a song by Hillsong, very beautifully. "But, she can't really be saved, can she?" I thought in my mind. It wasn't until a couple years later that God would show me that none of the things we do can bring us salvation. No matter how pious we act or seem, salvation is a gift from God alone. Salvation is for ANYONE and EVERYONE who believes, repents, is baptized in Jesus name, and lives the rest of their lives for God. :)


"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him."

-John 3:16-17



Camping 2017 Style Diary

I just got back from camping and I had a blast! It was so much fun to be out in nature for a few days, relax, and get away from the normal routine. Even though I'm not much of an "outdoorsy" person and there is no wifi connections at the campground, I had fun. :) The only thing that I didn't like was that I got so many mosquito bites, especially on my forehead, so they ended up looking like pimples lol! No matter how much I bathed myself in bug spray, I still got bit hehe.

Today, I'm sharing my three looks from camp, one for each day. I didn't even bother to do my hair these past few days since it would end up being put into a ponytail after pictures since it was hot outside. I would just shower in the morning and let my hair air dry.

Day One

Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Rue 21
Chambray: Marshall's
Hat: Rue 21
Boots: Amazon

Day Two

Top: Walmart
Shorts: Cut by me
Plaid Flannel: Mercari (Use code FKDQJF for $2 coupon)
Hat: Rue 21
Boots: Amazon

Day Three

On this day, my family decided to wear matching blue shirts. I cut mine up into one of those distressed tees I've been seeing everywhere. 

Top: Walmart, cut and refashioned by me
Shorts: cut by me
Hat: Rue 21
Backpack: Rue 21
Sunglasses: Rue 21
Boots: Amazon


Twenty Three

I'm 23! I don't feel any different haha, just a year older. I feel like time passes faster and faster when you get older. I remember being 12 and feeling like the school year laster forever haha. This weekend was filled with fun so today I'm just relaxing and practicing using my new serger that I got. Now, I'm excited about my next adventure this summer: camping! I've always that my birthday fell at the end of May. When I was in school, it meant that summer break would be right around the corner. Now, it means all sorts of fun summer activities are going to happen and the weather is going to be warm for the next coming months. So cheers to 23!


Leggings: Mossimo
Shoes: Toms


23 Years, 23 Birthdays

I wanted to write this post so I could have a place where all my birthday photos could be recorded since I have photos scattered everywhere. Kids born nowadays have thousands of photos that can be easily organized and found since everything is on some sort of iCloud or computer. I hadn't fully realized how many less photos were taken 20, or even 10 years ago. Now, we feel the need to take at least one photo a day. (At least I do lol!) It would've been a lot easier to find all these photos if my parents had a smartphone back in the day. :)

It was really fun to look back on all these past memories. There were some things I didn't even remember until I saw some of these photos. I couldn't find a photo for ever single birthday, but I found most of them. :)



I was born! Hehe. :) 
Here I am pictured with my grandparents on my first day of life. 
Fun Fact: My parents thought I was a boy and my name was going to be Alexander. :P

1 Year Old

Well, I guess I've never been afraid of clowns, since I didn't mind being one for my first birthday ever. :)

2 Years Old

I spent my second birthday at good old Chuck E Cheese's. Look how dated this photo looks lol. (The old brown Nordstrom bag and my mom's huge camcorder)

3 Years Old

I spent this birthday in Mexico! From what I've been told I had a very cool and big birthday party that was like "carnival teddy bear" themed. In this picture my parents and I were at church. I was told that I fell asleep the whole time there haha. :)

4 Years Old

I had a Winnie the Pooh themed birthday party. I don't remember much else from this year haha. :)

5 Years Old

I celebrated my birthday in my kindergarten class. I mean it's not like there was much to do in class anyway since it was almost the last day of school and did I mention it was kindergarten LOL. :D My teacher always put this birthday cake hat on someone whenever it was their birthday.

7 Years Old

My parents surprised me with a little pool and it was the coolest thing ever to little 7-year-old me. BTW, I never noticed what a nice backdrop my parents had in the backyard. It's a shame I didn't have internet or a camera back then hehe. :)

8 Years Old

Winnie the Pooh theme again for the win! (I mean I'm 23 and I'm STILL obsessed with Winnie the Pooh haha!)

9 Years Old

This year was Shrek-themed hehe. My aunt spray dyed my hair green to match.
Oh, and I was so excited when I opened this present and it was a Bratz Catz. I really wanted one haha. :)

14 Years Old

This was the same week I graduated middle school. I had a little party with my friends at the park. Don't ask about my outfit...I was going through a "phase" LOL... :P

15 Years Old

I had a small "quinceañera" at a friend's house. There used to be a Betsey Johnson store at a mall that I liked to go and I always went in there to see all the pretty dresses. Finally one day my parents told me to pick one for my 15th birthday. I was SO happy haha!

16 Years Old

This year I was going to have a big sweet sixteen with a poofy dress and all, but I ended up just having a cake all to myself. I just literally just woken up in this photo haha. :)

17 Years Old

When I turned 17, I had a birthday party at my new house, (okay, my parent's house haha), with my friends. I got a piercing that year and I ALWAYS wore my "I love boobies" bracelet. (Remember those?)

18 Years Old

I graduated high school! My birthday fell on the same day as graduation, so that's how I spent it haha. :)

19 Years Old

This year I was planning on doing nothing, but I was surprised by my then-friend (now-husband) singing happy birthday to me while I was still in bed haha. :D Afterwards, I had a mini party in the backyard with some friends.

20 Years Old

Remember my "then-friend" that surprised me the year before? Well this year he turned into my then-fiance lol. :) Since he was attending UCLA, I spent my 20th birthday in Los Angeles with my parents and my then-fiance.

21 Years Old

I really wanted a waterslide party this year, so my parents and husband rented one out for me. 

22 Years Old

I spent my birthday weekend at Six Flags Magic Mountain. :)

23 Years Old

Today, I turned 23! 
It's not a milestone age and I still feel really young (as if I were still 16 lol). This birthday I spent it at Dave & Buster's with my parents, husband, and two close friends. 

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