Fantastic Fashion- How Our Style Can Boost Our Mental Health!

Fashion is so much more than a practical means to an end. It can actually have a huge impact on your mental health! When we feel good on the outside it tends to make us feel good on the outside too, it allows us to show who we are to others as well as ourselves. If you’re a lover of fashion or want to get into styling a bit more, here are some reasons why fashion is so fantastic.

It allows you to express yourself

When you’re true to yourself, your self esteem improves. And the clothes we wear can be a direct reflection of this- maybe you’re a girly person who enjoys florals and dresses or perhaps punky, edgy fashion with lots of leather and studs appeals to you. For most of us, we’re an eclectic mixture of all different styles, put together in the right way you’ll look in the mirror and think ‘wow I look great!’ You might have a general style that you always gravitate towards, or it could change depending on your mood. Either way, being able to externally express yourself with your clothing allows you to embrace your true self and enjoy the things that look and feel good on you.

It boosts confidence and elevates mood

Dressing up in your favourite outfit will instantly make you feel more confident, wearing clothes that make you feel good about yourself can totally transform your mindset. Dressing up in clothes that make you happy and comfortable will boost your mood, so experiment with different colours and styles that uplift your spirits. While it might not be an official treatment for anxiety, there’s no denying how powerful this can be and is something completely in your control. If you don’t have much of a budget for clothing, check out charity shops and apps like Vinted for good deals. Facebook marketplace and swaps with friends can also snag you some cheap or free items to play around with.

It allows you to practise self care

When you spend even a few minutes each day deciding what you will wear and making intentional decisions, this is a form of self care. You are showing yourself (whether you realise it or not) that you matter, that the way you look and feel is important and this can have a further positive impact on your mental health.

It helps you to find like minded friends

Any kind of hobby has the ability to bring people together, and fashion is no different! You could join fashion communities, attend events or start a blog and gain a readership to connect with. You could start a Youtube or Tiktok account, or you could go more down the creating route and get into sewing and making clothing. This side of things comes with its own communities too, so have a look online.

Have you ever considered how fashion is linked with your mental health?

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