5 Ways To Embrace Floral Fashion

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Spring is around the corner, which means it will be time to start to bring out those floral clothes. But just what types of floral clothing should you opt for? And what should you pair them with? This post lists 5 types of floral fashion and how to rock each one. 


Ditsy floral print is made up of lots of very small irregularly placed flowers. Such prints can be dense and busy or sparse with lots of space. It’s the most common floral print found on sundresses, but you can also buy tops and shirts with this print. Many floral kids' clothes also use ditsy print. 

This is a very versatile type of floral print in terms of what you can pair with it, although it's best to stick to fairly neutral items. For example, ditsy floral dresses can work with almost any footwear from sneakers to boots, but it’s best to avoid shoes in loud colors. Denim jackets can also pair well with ditsy print items. 

Boho style

This style of floral print is very busy and colorful and was popularized by hippies in the 60s and 70s. Includes the likes of paisley print, but also other more obscure prints. Boho floral dresses are often very layered and flowing. Check out these boho dresses by Johnny Was for an example. 

Wear these prints with chunky jewellery and oversized accessories for a festival-ready boho look. Footwear like gladiator sandals and tan boots go well with this style. However, you may prefer to soften up the boho look by contrasting it with leather (such as a leather jacket or leather boots). 


Vintage floral print clothing typically contains much larger flowers and was all the rage in the 40s and 50s. It is still a popular print today - you’ll find vintage-style floral dresses commonly being worn by guests at weddings.

Vintage floral dresses are most commonly paired with more formal footwear like ballet shoes or heels. Try to keep accessories to a minimum and let your dress make the statement. 

Oriental print

Inspired by Chinese cheongsam dresses and japanese kimonos, this style of floral print consists of the large boldly colored flowers commonly found in oriental gardens. Blacks, whites, reds and blues are the most common colors used. You can buy many dresses and tops inspired by this print.

As with vintage floral styles, you don’t want to accessorize too heavily when wearing this print because it's so bold. Sandals and pumps are two good footwear options that work well with this style. 


Finally, there’s the tropical floral print style, which consists of very large tropical flowers and palm leaves. This print uses loud colors like orange, green and pink and can be found on many summer dresses. Hawaiian floral print is a variation of this that consists of very busy and colorful floral designs, and is most commonly used on shirts. 

Because this is the boldest floral style of them all, you really want to keep accessories to a minimum. This is likely to be the type of print you wear on a beach vacation, so you’ll likely want to pair this with sandals and a beach hat. This post at Mr Porter offers some more tips for wearing tropical print. 


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