Pink Floral Pleated Skirt

UPDATE: A new updated post with step-by-step directions is available HERE

One of my goals for this year was to sew more clothing. Not just refashioning, but sewing "from scratch" like from a pattern or from measurements. I love to refashion, but being able to say "I made this entire thing I'm wearing," is a really good feeling. :) Since this month is all about spring, florals, and warm weather, I decided to make a pretty pleated skirt. The great thing about pleated skirts is that you don't have to use a pattern to make one. An updated step-by-step tutorial is available here.

What I did: 

1. I cut the waistband 2.5" x waist measurement + 1-2 inches. (I rather have extra length, than have it be too short. If it's too long, I just cut it at the end)
2. I added in the zipper before adding in the waistband. The new updated post shows the zipper being added after sewing the waistband on.

How to Figure out Your Measurements

Take your waist measurement and multiply by 3. Then divide this number by 2.
You're going to cut out two rectangles the width of this measurement and the length will be the desired length of your skirt + 1" for hem allowance. The NEW UPDATED POST provides step-by-step instructions on how to cut and sew your pretty pleated skirt.

Literally, in all my years of sewing, this was my first time making pleats. 
Not bad for the first time, right? :)

As I mentioned before, I added in my invisible zipper before adding the waistband in.

The Waistband:

So, I wanted quickly show you how the waistband looks like when sewn on the skirt, to make things easier for you.
I ironed interfacing to my waistband to make is stabler. Then, I sewed along the pink dots with my fabrics as shown below.

 I placed the waistband right side down facing the wrong side of the skirt. I sewed along the line where the orange pins are placed.

After, this is how the waistband looked like when sewed.

This is how it looked like from the other side, or the right side of the skirt.

Then I folded it down, and topstitched. 



For the step-by-step sewing tutorial click here.

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