Refashioned Floral and Striped Dress

When I first got this dress, I really didn't like wearing dresses nor skirts. I was a 17 year old skinny jean lover haha. :) A few months after I got this dress I started to attend church, and this was literally the only dress I had, so I ended up wearing it a lot. The top part of this dress always sort of bothered me. I didn't like the v-neck and the sleeves were a weird length on me. Now, fast forward about 6 years later, and this little dress gets a makeover. Recently, I've really been loving floral prints and stripes together. Since I had some striped knit fabric in my stash, I decided to add a striped bodice to this dress.


First, I began to trace a tee shirt that already fit me.

1. I traced the bodice first.

2. Then, I traced the back bodice. Here is the front and back bodices laying side by side.

3. Afterwards, I made some sleeves. 

Two sleeves cut out. :)

4. I sewed the side seams first, right sides of the fabric touching.

5. Then, I finished off my neckline seam by using the Wrapped Binding method from  Colette.

6. After that, I closed off the shoulder seams and sewed on the sleeves.

7. Now that the new bodice was ready, it was time to chop off the old one.

8. I pinned the new bodice to the skirt, right sides of the fabrics touching.

9. The last thing to do was add elastic. I always make four markings: center front, center back, and the two sides. After I pin those places, then I stretch the elastic in between those spots and pin.


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