2017 Scrap Busting Craft Challenge: How to Make a Fabric Scrap Wreath Using a Wire Hanger

For this month's Craft Challenge, I wanted to "refashion" something different. I'm always refashioning clothing, so I thought I would spice it up around here a bit. :) For this month's stash busting material, I decided to use... metal hangers! A little different than what I usually do around here, right? I have tons of these hangers, and I've even thrown away a bunch of them. I don't like to hang my clothes on them, because they don't hang right and I don't like how they look hehe. As I was searching Pinterest for inspiration (seems to be my number one source of inspiration these days, lol), I came across a lot of different wreaths. They all used a foam circular tube type thing, but I didn't have one, so I decided to get crafty.


1. I bent the hanger into a circle (or I tried, haha). I also bent a little loop at the top so I can hang the wreath.

2. Since the hanger wire is too thin for a wreath, I had to sew something onto it so it would be thicker. I used an old hem band that I cut off from a hoodie. I pinned it all around, and then sewed it. For the first edge, I hand sewed it, then I sewed the rest. 

This is how it looked like after I sewed it on.

4. Next, my favorite part! I chose different fabric scraps to cut and tie around the wreath. I cut strips that were about 2.5" - 3" wide and 8" long.

5. Then, I began to tie all the fabric scraps. I tied them a little loosely, so they would fill in the wreath more.

This is how it looked after I tied all my fabric scraps.

6. Afterwards, I covered the metal part of the hanger still showing. I used a 1" wide long piece of pink jersey. I just wrapped it around until the metal was all covered and then tied some knots, so the fabric wouldn't come off.

7. For the finishing touches I made a bow and some rosettes, and hot glued them to the wreath.


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  1. I love this! It would also be a great decor item for a baby's nursery with the light pastels!

  2. This is so pretty- I'm going to make one for my daughter!


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