T-Shirt to Dress Refashion with Scalloped Hem

It's refashion time again! I started off with this striped tee. It is super soft and comfortable, but the sleeves were too bulky and the length was too long for my taste. I took off the sleeves, but I saved them for a later project. I always save the pieces that I don't use for later use. You never know what you might end up with! I decided to make a dress out of this tee, and I wanted to incorporate some scallops. I went for a little pattern mixing with the stripes and the texture of the "jegging" fabric. I admit, I went to fashion school, and I still call this fabric "jegging" fabric, haha. :)


1. To make my skirt piece, I used an existing dress because I like how it draped. I traced all around and left some room for seam allowance.

Just like this:

2. Since I wanted my skirt piece to be a bit longer, I had to measure from the top to the bottom. I wanted it to be 21".

3. I measured 21" from the top to the bottom, and I made marks, so it would be a nice even curve.

4. I cut two of these pieces so my dress would drape nicely. 
(Perfect for twirling around!)

5. Next, I sewed down both sides of the new skirt piece.

6. To make the scallops, I used a cup and traced around the skirt.

Like this:

7. Here is how the skirt piece looked like after I cut the scallops. Since I used a jersey knit, I left them as is, since they won't fray.

8. Now on to the sleeves! I chopped both sleeves off.

9. Before I attached the new sleeves on, I wanted to add some lace to the sides. Since the tee is stretchy, I put it on my mannequin and pinned the lace on. Then, I carefully took it off my mannequin and sewed it.

10. Then, I cut off excess fabric from the tee shirt.

11. To make the new sleeves, I traced them as shown below. (the pink dots)

This is how they look like once they're cut out.

12. Next, with the new sleeve inside out (right sides of the fabric touching together), I sewed down the side. (the pink dots)

13. To attach the new sleeve, I placed the sleeve inside the armhole (right sides of the fabrics touching), and sewed along the armhole. (pink dots) The mint dots represent the new sleeve on the inside of the tee.

New sleeve!

14. The last step was to sew the skirt piece to the tee shirt. Right sides of the fabrics touching, and wrong sides out. This was a basting stitch, since I sewed elastic in the next step.

15. Then, it was time for elastic! I sewed it on top of the basting stitch.

16. The last step was to add binding to the sleeves as shown:

1. I took a 1 1/2" x 10" strip. (You can always cut it later, it's better to start off with too much, than too little.
2. I ironed the top part down.
3. Then the bottom part.
4. Next, I ironed that in half.
5. I sewed the strip closed.
After that, I just pinned it on the sleeve ending and sewed along the edge.

Dress refashion done!


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